Children could be BANNED from flying some drones in safety clampdown

CHILDREN could be banned from flying some drones in a safety clampdown.
They could be allowed to use only those weighing 250 grams or less as well as facing age restrictions.

Children face restrictions on drone usage
Children could be banned from flying some drones in a safety clampdown being weighed up by the Department for Transport

Other measures being considered include giving police powers to seize drones and issue on-the-spot fines of up to £300 for irresponsible use. The Department for Transport plans to act over growing misuse of the gadgets.

Annual complaints to police almost tripled to 3,456 in 2016 while the number of near-misses between drones and aircraft soared from six in 2014 to 93 last year.

Research shows a drone weighing 400g could smash a helicopter windscreen, and one weighing 2kg could “critically damage” the windscreen of an airliner.

Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said: “Drones present exciting benefit to our society and our economy, but with a small group of people choosing to use them for harm there are challenges we must overcome.”

Aviation Minister says drones "present exciting benefits to our society"
Research shows a drone weighing 2kg could ‘critically damage’ the windscreen of an airliner
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A consultation will be launched today. From Monday new rules will be introduced banning drones from flying above 400ft, and within one kilometre (0.6 miles) of airport boundaries.

Penalties include fines of up to £2,500 and jail sentences of up to five years.

Meanwhile ministers are considering using of new signal-blocking technology to protect public events, critical national infrastructure and prisons from drone disruption.


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