Chinese New Year 2021 LIVE – Here are YOUR zodiac sign predictions for the year of the Ox

TOMORROW marks Chinese New Year, with billions of people around the world welcoming the start of the Year of the Ox.

With a tumultuous Year of the Rat coming to a close, the beginning of a new zodiac cycle is a big moment in Chinese culture and there are many different interpretations for what it might mean for the year ahead.

While astrology fans will be eager to work out exactly what the change means for their sign, it’s important to know that animals are only part of the way the Chinese years are defined.

In fact tomorrow actually marks the year of the Metal Ox, as each new cycle actually takes one of the 10 so-called ‘heavenly’ stems as well as one of 12 ‘earthly’ branches.

The meaning is taken incredibly seriously in China and people use it to determine whether or not to make huge life decisions during the year ahead, including getting married, having kids or starting a business.

Many believe each person’s own birth sign will be affected differently by the year’s heavenly stems and earthly branches.

Follow our Chinese New Year live blog below for the latest information on what the Year of the Ox might have in store for you…


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