Chinese zodiac today: What your daily horoscope means today, Saturday April 3, 2021?

THE signs may experience heartache and loss today, they are advised to lean on their loved ones.

Today will bring challenges and situations that may be emotionally exhausting, the signs should rest and take the day to recover.

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❤ LOVE: You are certain that you know your partner, but they’re is always something that you have yet to learn from them. Keep an open mind.

💰 CAREER: You may find that the right timing is everything, especially in regards to your career. Things are coming together for you.

✨ TAROT CARD: Hierophant. This card stands for tradition and conventional methods. You may also receive help from a higher authority figure who will educate you and nourish your mind.


❤ LOVE: In order to care for others you must care for yourself first. Pay attention to your needs and honor them. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

💰 CAREER: You may run into some communication problems at work today. Be clear with your goals and delegating tasks if you need to.

✨ TAROT CARD: Temperance. This card will bring balance and moderation into your life. Seek stability and calmness.


❤ LOVE: You dream of a love that fills you with joy and affection. Something is coming your way in an unconventional way, stay ready and open.

💰 CAREER: If someone at work is grumpy toward you, don’t buy into their mood. Keep your positivity and ignore their bad attitude.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Sun. This card represents good fortune, harmony, and the universe moving you in the most favorable direction. 


❤ LOVE: Stick to what you know about your relationship. Don’t assume the worst. Things will get better.

💰 CAREER: You are overdue for a promotion and you know it! You may score one within a few weeks, but for now try not to stress about it.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Fool. This card represents new beginnings, opportunities, and luck. Trust in the universe.


❤ LOVE: If you’re experiencing heartbreak, give yourself the right time to grieve. You’re on a path to self-discovery.

💰 CAREER: A new business venture may be presented to you. Don’t sign any paperwork until you are fully ready to commit.

✨ TAROT CARD: The King of Wands. This card represents leadership, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


❤ LOVE: You friends may surprise you with a potential love match. Take the time to get to know them before fully diving in.

💰 CAREER: Your intuition will be excellent and will help you make the best business deals.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Devil. This card represents seduction of the material world and physical pleasures. Discretion when it comes to personal matters is advised. 


❤ LOVE: You are starting to realize that timing is everything when it comes to relationships. You are exactly where you need to be.

💰 CAREER: You have put your part into making things in your career work, now just sit back and let the universe handle the rest.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Empress. This card represents creation of life, romance, or a new business venture. 


❤ LOVE: You are full of charm and you know it! Use it to your advantage and reel in that special someone.

💰 CAREER: You may be a little concerned about your finances today but don’t worry, ultimately, you are on the right path. Save your money and invest wisely.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Tower. This card represents unforseen change. There could be great liberation in any matter regarding your life. 


❤ LOVE: You may experience love at first sight today!

💰 CAREER: Your hobbies can be turned into a career if you really put your mind and effort to it. Do what you love and profit off of it.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Moon. This card represents illusion and deception. Not everything is what it seems. Be discerning.


❤ LOVE: Keep business out of your relationship. Stick to love and being affectionate.

💰 CAREER: Your financial health is improving tremendously. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your savings.

✨ TAROT CARD: The King of Wands. This card represents leadership, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit. 


❤ LOVE: Don’t worry about how you and your sweetheart will make it work. Things are going at their own pace.

💰 CAREER: If you feel stuck in your career, do some research for where you would like to be. Don’t make any rash decisions.

✨ TAROT CARD: The Lovers. This card represents decisions and partnerships. Listen to your heart and build meaningful relationships. 


❤ LOVE: You may feel very sensitive today! That’s okay, give yourself room to process your emotions.

💰 CAREER: Check your finances and make sure you are up to date with your bills and payments. Cut corners if you need to.

✨ TAROT CARD: Death. This card represents endings, especially in relationships or life-cycles.


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