Cosmetic surgery : 10 interventions most favoured by the French

One woman in 10 has already had to resort to cosmetic surgery in France in 2018. The demand of cosmetic surgery has not blown up, but has stabilized at a high level. This is what reveals a survey Ifop commissioned by the magazine online Happiness and Santé.fr. To do this, a sample of 1317 women representative of the female population 18 years and older responded to a questionnaire from 25 to 29 June 2018. The study points the finger on “a true phenomenon of company”, and reveals the operations undertaken by the French.

The report indicates that all ages are involved : from 18 to 65 years of age, without distinction, only 14% of women say they are ready to use it one day, and that 82% of people who recourse to plastic surgery are satisfied.

The evolution of practices

The reasons to take the plunge ? For the 55% of women, put an end to the physical complex. With the social networks that show silhouettes of the models, the complex among women are growing up. For 68%, to please themselves. For 13%, preserve its youth. For 6%, be more comfortable in a professional environment. For 5%, please his companion, and for 2%, because one is obliged to be young in today’s society.

A strong return to the natural brand operations cosmetic surgery, according to the Ifop poll. “And the operations of lifting, corrections of the nose , and the stomach have given way to operations, such as the modification of the breast and laser hair removal, deemed to be more physically discrete”.

Discover the top 10 most requested by the French.

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