Beautiful Girls Bored at Work (32 Photos)

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  1. Among her new friends are 18-year-old striker Jordyn Huitema, the rising star of the Canadian national team, and French striker Kadidiatou Diani, the one her team-mates call “Beyoncé” who learned football at the bottom of the building. There is also midfielder Sara Däbritz, winner of the Euro with Germany, and Christiane Endler, the “best goalkeeper in the world” with 722,000 subscribers on Instagram, the first Chilean player to go pro and model for an entire youth. Under the colours of PSG, they are the face of a new generation of female fighters who are unabashedly turning women’s football into a women’s game. With them, Nadia shares the complicity of schoolgirls, the taste of selfies and a will of steel.

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