Chris Brown attends to a fan in the middle of a concert, Rihanna would be very impressed !

The heroic gesture of Chris Brown would actually win some points with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

While Colton Haynes was spotted with her ex-husband, Chris Brown has been a hero this Wednesday, July 18, after a fan was suddenly fainted during one of his concerts. For those who would not have had wind of this story, Chris Brown has mounted a fan who was not feeling well on stage during his concert in New Jersey. If the admirer of the singer seemed to go well, since he was dancing and with his idol, he suddenly fainted. Neither one nor two, Chris has helped the fan in the outside. His good deed has not gone unnoticed, as explained by a source close to Rihanna to the media HollywoodLife : “Rihanna saw Chris was in charge of the boy and she was very impressed by what he has done. This is the Chris that she loves that is this way.”

“She knows that he has a heart of gold despite all of its problems. She hopes that he will regain the respect of the people for the man he really is and not for the acts he has committed” adds the source. It is true that the u.s. currently has some problems with justice. Chris Brown has been arrested at the end of his concert at Palm Beach because he would have attacked a photographer in a club on a night out. He was able to get out of jail for $ 2000. What just happened with his fan shows another facet of his personality to his fans who hope to see her more often. Rihanna, however, has not reacted officially to this story. In the rest of the news people of the week, a photographer was assigned on the special relationship that interview Meghan Markle , and Kate Middleton.

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