Chris Whitty video latest – Yob Lewis Hughes, 24, loses job as estate agent after sick harassment video goes viral

A YOB estate agent has been sacked for his role in a shocking video showing Chris Whitty being harassed and manhandled in the street.

Lewis Hughes and Jonathan Chew, both 24, were branded “despicable thugs” by Boris Johnson for assaulting England’s chief medical officer.

Yob Hughes has now apologised through The Sun and said: “I’ve paid the price with my job.”

He revealed the pair of covidiot louts had attended an anti-vax march in London on Sunday when they spotted Whitty, 55, in St James’s Park.

An appalling 18-second video of the pair grabbing at the health chief leaving him clearly concerned for his safety subsequently went viral, leaving people shocked and appalled around the world.

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