Cincinnati police banned 11-year-old girl at Kroger


Here is a short video about how tasers work.

A Cincinnati Police Officer used a Taser to stun an 11 year old girl suspected stealing from a Kroger on Monday, according to p olisen.

Police chief Eliot Isaac has opened an investigation, the working city manager Patrick Duhaney told the city council. [19659010] “There must be a complete investigation,” said Deputy Mayor Christopher Smitherman, Chairman of the Council’s Law and Public Security Committ ee. “It’s hard to understand why an 11-year-old would be taken. I expect a 24-hour response.”

A job officer at Spring Grove Village Kroger investigated several young girls accused of stealing from a shop, police said. The officer approached the 11-year-old but she ignored the official and continued to leave, according to the police. The officer beat the girl in the back with Taser.

The girl was arrested for theft and prevented official activities. She was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for evaluation and released to parents custody.

“We are concerned that the power is being used by one of our officers on a child of this age,” says Isaac. “As a result, we will take a very careful review of our policies as regards the use of violence against young people as well as officers’ actions.”

The officer whose name was not released has been bound pending the outcome of the investigation. More: Expert Questionnaire’s Use of Taser on Black Boy in Clifton Heights

Police Department’s policy states that Tasers is “for self-defense or for temporarily immobilizing a subject who is actively resilient against arrest. “

Tasers generate electricity in a small, handheld battery powered device about the size of a gun. When used properly, a Taser generates an electrical current that dominates a person’s neuromuscular and sensory nervous system. People become physically unable and unable to control muscle movement, so officials get control.

The institution’s policy adds, “Officers should avoid using Taser for obviously pregnant women and those under 7 years or over 70 years of age to the possibility of These individuals fall when they are unable of a taser unless the meeting rises to the level of a deadly power situation. “

The girl will be shown in the Hamilton County Juvenile Court. A court date is not immediately available.

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