City boss blasts staff for ‘pooing in the shower’ and ‘acting like clubbing teens’ in furious e-mail

A CITY executive has accused staff of pooing in the showers and ‘acting like clubbing teens’ in a furious leaked e-mail.

Gordon Tempest-Hay, chief executive of consultancy firm Teneo, sent the tirade to every single member of staff at the company’s London office.

Gordon Tempest-Hay sent the warning to staff at City firm Teneo

The 54-year-old referred to a string of lewd acts among some of the 250 staff as he told them their boorish antics had ‘gotten out of hand’.

Workers vomiting on carpets and leaving soiled underwear in the office were among the other incidents which sparked the warning.

He wrote: “I’m aware that what follows only applies to a small percentage of us but as I don’t know exactly who that small % is and, as things are getting out of hand, it’s time for a word.

“Over the last few weeks, we have had: Someone get drunk and throw up over the carpet(they’ve apologised, but still); Someone – I can’t put this any less bluntly – poo in the shower; Someone mess their underwear and leave it for the cleaner.”

Please treat this place properly or we’ll have to withdraw the showers and stop the bar

Gordon Tempest-Hay, chief executive of Teneo

In the e-mail seen by The Times went on to say weekly drinks held in the office were behind the behaviour before threatening to withdraw the privilege.

He said: “A Friday bar getting completely out of hand akin to a drinking competition for a bunch of clubbing teens.

“Not only are these things inappropriate for a workplace but it is totally unacceptable to expect our lovely cleaning lady to clear up the resultant mess.

“Please treat this place properly or we’ll have to withdraw the showers and stop the bar.”

Teneo is based in New York and promotes itself as offering expertise in strategy and communications, management consultancy and advice on risk and talent.

It boasts of advising a “significant number” of the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 businesses.

Mr Tempest-Hay did not respond to a request from The Times to discuss his email and staff behaviour.

The message went out to staff at the firm’s London office
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