Clark Gable’s Lookalike Grandson, 30, Found Dead By His Fiance

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A year of wild winter weather continued this week, as hurricane strength winds gusting up to 75 miles per hour plagued the East Coast.In New York, where the powerful storm was at its worst, the icy and windy conditions combined to create a unique and bizarre emergencyResidents in both Canada and the Northeast captured piles of ice pushed ashore by strong winds.David Piano – TwitterThe coast along Lake Erie was hit with an

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Babies are blessings. News that a couple is about to bring a life into the world is joyous and celebrated. While many mothers may worry about being ready to be a parent, few people are very concerned about surviving a pregnancy.Alison Holmgren was a 38-year-old Ohio State Trooper. She was a tough, yet fair, trooper who loved her job. She was also a loving wife and mother to a young child. When she found

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Fish gotta swim, bird gotta fly. Pretty simple stuff, but it doesn’t help to explain how a humpback whale’s carcass found itself in the rainforest.(Whales, of course, aren’t technically fish, but finding one in the forest is unusual in any case.)The 10-ton, 36-foot long body was found last week, 50-feet from the ocean on the Brazilian island of Marajo.The whale’s white blubber is left after its grayish

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Comfort, affordability, and the variety of destinations have made vacations cruises one of the most popular kinds of getaways for American travelers.The cruise ship organisation CLIA reports that 24.7 million passengers set sail on these vacations in 2016. But for every dream cruise, there are just as many nightmarish travel experiences.While bad weather and food poisoning are some of the biggest risks on-board a cruise ship, New Jersey couple Carol and Bertam

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A former Amazon employee from Kentucky is taking the online retail giant to court over a small but important issue: bathroom breaks.Nicolas Stover, who used to work at one of Amazon’s call centers, says he was accused of “time theft” by his supervisor for taking “excessive bathroom breaks.”In a lawsuit filed in Lexington, Stover complains that the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not accounting for his Crohn’s disease.

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Grocery shopping isn’t what many people would call a fun experience, but it is something that we all have to do. We put up with long lines, squeaky carts that don’t steer properly, and crowded aisles because we have to.There is never a shortage of things to be irritated with at the grocery store, but if you saw a woman struggling to pack her own groceries wouldn’t you help her?Linda Rolston routinely shopped

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