Claudia Conway posts disturbing TikTok ‘showing mom Kellyanne scream abuse and say “You’re lucky your mom’s pro-life”’

CLAUDIA Conway posted disturbing TikTok videos of a woman she claims is her mom Kellyanne screaming and swearing at her – before saying, “You’re lucky your mom’s pro-life.”

The clips shared on Tuesday by the teenager are heavily edited and for the most part, do not show Kellyanne, who served as counselor to President Donald Trump.


Claudia Conway posted a TikTok video titled, ‘A Covid recap with Kelly,’ referring to her mother[/caption]

In one TikTok video titled, “A Covid recap with Kelly,” Claudia, 16, shows her face while a woman – who is supposedly Kellyanne – screams in the background.

The woman can be heard shrieking “a**hole” and “beat the s**t out of my daughter.” 

During the shocking clip, the voice also says: “I can get you taken out of here today,” and complained about the “stupid a** things you always say.”

Then the woman yelled, “F*** you” followed by “you don’t f***ing listen – what the f*** is wrong with you?”

In a more calm tone, the woman noted that “you can’t get coronavirus from the president,” referring to Trump, who contracted and recovered from Covid-19. 


Claudia Conway’s TikTok videos were heavily edited[/caption]

In a shrill voice again, the woman screams: “The only place that will take you that you aren’t going to post about your family anymore,” seemingly upset that Claudia broadcasts her family drama on social media. 

The woman accuses Claudia of lying to everyone and being an “ungrateful b****.”

“You’re lucky your mom’s pro-life,” she says.

“F*** you, f*** you. It’s over, it’s over—I don’t care who’s following you, dumba**.”

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Claudia Conway frequently posts about her strained relationship with her mother on social media[/caption]

Claudia has 1.5million followers on TikTok

It is not clear whether the woman in this video is screaming at her or someone else in the house. 

The Sun has reached out to the White House for comment. 

In another TikTok video, Claudia says, “What?” and a woman, supposedly her mother, seems to mock her by repeating, “What? What?” 

Washington Post

Claudia Conway’s TikTok videos do not show Kellyanne [/caption]

The woman claims she is not mocking Claudia but is instead having a “conversation” with her and asks, “Do you know what you’ve done to yourself?”

Then bedsheets appear to hit Claudia.

Claudia claims that her mother calls her a hypochondriac because of her obsessive-compulsive disorder, which manifests as an obsession with her health since she had Covid-19.

The woman screams, “I want you out of here,” and, “some 15-f***ing year old.”

A Twitter user called Kellyanne Conway an ‘abusive mother’

“You’re never going to record another f***ing thing in your life, it’s going for a forensic analysis,” the woman threatens. 

While Kellyanne does not appear in the video, blonde hair that looks like hers does appear in flashes at some parts. 

The edited clips are too blurry to show any alleged physical contact. 

Social media users condemned Kellyanne for what some people considered abuse towards her daughter. 

“Kellyanne Conway is an abusive mother. She should be in jail for what she does to her daughter,” a Twitter user wrote. 

“This is a video of what she does and says to her daughter Claudia Conway who suffers from anxiety and OCD. Someone needs to help Claudia.”


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