Clever hacks to mend clothes, erase stains and get trainers white on a budget — plus win £50k in the Sun Raffle

RUINED a piece of clothing? Fix your eyes on this.

Nothing is more annoying than binning a favourite T-shirt or pair of shoes because of one small fault. And replacing them can feel like such a waste of money.


Fix your eyes on these hacks to mend clothes, refresh bobbly jumpers and whiten trainers[/caption]

Luckily, I have some handy hacks up my (trusty, old) sleeve to mend clothes on a budget. You might never need to go shopping again . . .

White on: Stained your white trainers? Dissolve three denture tablets in warm water and soak your shoes in the mixture overnight.

The next morning, pop them in the washing machine with stain-removing powder. Boots’ Smile denture tablets cost just £1.

Seams perfect: Having the hems of your roll-up jeans fall down is really frustrating. Tailors are expensive, so I have a great tip to tide you over until you have time to sew them yourself.

Roll your trews up once, grab a hair bobble and place it halfway between the hem and the bottom of the trousers. Then take the hem, roll it over the hair tie and tuck it under.

Bobbing along: There is no need to throw away bobbly jumpers. Instead, remove pills with a sharp disposable razor.

Lay the garment out flat, pull the fabric tight to make sure you don’t cut through it and carefully shave upwards in small strokes.

Mark my words: Make-up stains are notoriously hard to get rid of. But if you’ve spilled foundation on a top, all you have to do is squirt shaving foam over the stain. Rub until it lathers, before rinsing with cold water.

If the mark is still there, repeat with warm water. Aldi has shaving gel for 59p — far less than buying a new outfit.

Nailed it: I expect my sunnies to last me all summer long, even if I buy a bargain pair. If the arms come loose and I don’t have a screwdriver handy, I paint a small bit of nail varnish over the hinge to tighten it up. Easy.

Deal of the day

Make sure you’re prepared for summer and get yourself a half price BBQ at Wilko

MAKE your way to Wilko for a bumper saving on a barbecue. The Kettle Charcoal BBQ is half price at £15. Was £30.

Save: £15

Reader's saving tip

KAT Knowles, from Newcastle, says: “I made gardening kneeling pads using old folded Sun newspapers inside plastic bags, sealed with heavy duty tape. A saving of 90p on even the cheapest shop bought ones.”

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Cheap treat

McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives have been reduced to £1 at Sainsbury’s

I LOVE dunking my biccie into my tea, so I’m very happy that McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives are reduced to £1 at Sainsbury’s. Usually £1.60.

Save: 60p

My Sun Savers fiver

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Top swap

These yellow espadrilles are £68 at Dune…

ADD a splash of colour to your outfit with Peacocks’ £16 wedges. I can barely tell the difference between them and Dune’s £68 pair of espadrilles.

Save: £52

…but at Peacocks’ you can pick up a near-identical pair for just £16

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