Clive Tyldesley incredibly reveals Liverpool v Chelsea is first live Prem game he’s ever covered despite ITV legend commentating for over 30 years

CLIVE TYLDESLEY commentated on Liverpool’s win over Chelsea on Sunday in what was his first-ever live Premier League game – despite a 30-year career in football.

Since first jumping behind the mic in 1989, he has worked predominantly for ITV with a stint at BBC.

Tyldesley alongside co-commentator Glenn Hoddle

But it was with NBC that the 64-year-old lent his voice to a live Premier League game, which Liverpool won 2-0.

Before Sunday’s match, he tweeted: “Today I am commentating on a live Premier League game for the first time in my (146 year) TV career!”

It’s hard to imagine any football fan in the country having not heard Tyldesley’s tones during a major match.

A BBC commentator at the 1994 World Cup, he took over as ITV’s lead from Brian Moore for France 98.

Can Manchester United score? They always score.

Tyldesley before Teddy Sheringham's 90th minute equaliser in the 1999 Champions League final

Since then, Tyldesley has commentated on 17 live Champions League finals and nine FA Cup finals for the TV channel.

Like many other American networks, NBC have made use of British talent to oversee their Premier League coverage, the likes of Rebecca Lowe, Lee Dixon and Peter Drury featuring.

ESPN also brought over popular commentator Jon Champion to lead their MLS coverage ahead of the 2019 season.

Champion was a fan favourite at last summer’s World Cup, which was Tyldesley’s seventh.

Among the Radcliffe born reporter’s most famed pieces of commentary is his description of Manchester United’s 1999 Champions League win.

“Can Manchester United score? They always score,” he said before Teddy Sheringham’s equaliser.


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