Clues Harry and Meghan were putting on a show for Netflix in NY – from hidden mics to £67k outfits & a tribute to Diana

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle grabbed headlines during their three-day trip to New York this weekend.

But did the visit serve a dual purpose in light of their multi-million dollar TV series deal with Netflix?

Prince Harry was spotted with a black wire sticking out of his back pocket

One of Meghan’s most expensive pieces of clothing was a Max Mara camel coat costing more than £3,000[/caption]

The Sussexes raised a few eyebrows with their trip to the Big Apple, which included two visits to the United Nations and a speech at Global Citizen Live – dubbed ‘Wokestock’.

The eco-warrior couple, who travelled via private jet, also slammed wealthy nations for not sharing more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

During the tour Meghan, 40, read her book The Bench to pupils at a school in Harlem before the pair we snapped hugging dozens of young children.

However, after Harry, 37, was seen with a wire hanging out of his trouser pocket, many suspected there could have been other motives for their trip.

Claims they were filming for Netflix continued after pictures emerged showing a cameraman trailing the couple for much of their trip.

Royal writer Angela Levin told The Sun: “As well as attempting to pull focus from the Royal Family onto themselves, they appeared to be filming the whole thing for a Netflix documentary. 

“Harry was spotted with a microphone wire going into his back pocket and cameras were catching every moment of their chats with members of the public and the mayor of New York.

“My question is whether they have told all the people they are talking to that they will be included [in the documentary].”

The Sussexes returned to their £10.7million ($14.7M) mansion in Montecito, California, on Saturday and since then fans have speculated whether their trip was being filmed for the streaming giant

Here we look back at their trip and analyse the key moments that suggest Harry and Meghan’s trip was staged for the cameras.

Shy start

According to a body language expert, the couple looked “awkward and anxious” when they arrived in New York at the city’s One Observatory – there first time jointly in the spotlight since the birth of their daughter.

The couple were driven to the event in a black SUV and travelled up to One World Trade Center’s viewing deck to meet the NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio.

Judi James said: “The body language on this first public outing together since the birth of their daughter suggests Meghan and Harry, but Harry in particular, are feeling awkward and possibly shy after some time out of the spotlight as a power couple.


According to a body language expert, the couple looked “awkward and anxious” when they arrived in New York[/caption]

“Their movements are less synchronised than expected and their shared cues or tie-signs include what look like some miss-hits. 

“Their smiles look especially awkward, although they might have been trying to keep the tone right for the occasion.”

Harry wore a ‘mic’

During a visit to the Harlem soul food joint Melba’s on Friday, Prince Harry was photographed with a black wire sticking out of his back pocket.

In the picture, where he was seen embracing restaurant owner Melba Wilson, a cable could be seen hanging over one of the belt loops of his cream chinos.

Some believed this was proof that Harry was wearing a ‘secret mic’ and was being recorded for either a TV series or podcast.

During the visit, the couple tucked into a hearty meal of chicken and waffles before donating £18,200 ($25,000) to Melba Wilson’s Covid relief fund.

Meghan’s £67,000 wardrobe

The Duchess donned an array of expensive, stylish outfits throughout the New York trip – during which the couple appeared to take aim at wealthy nations.

She wore her priciest flashy gear on Saturday when the couple visited the UN for a second time, according to the Daily Mail.

Meghan’s two outfits are believed to have cost an eye-watering £29,155 (£39,898) and included what appeared to be £12,057 ($16,500) Cartier earrings.

Getty Images – Getty

The Duchess wearing what was believed to be £12,057 ($16,500) Cartier earrings[/caption]

Meghan started the day with a £3,199 ($4,379) Max Mara camel coat and an all-beige power suit before changing into a £3,288 ($4,500) white Valentino dress.

Her outfit from the day Friday cost an estimated £11,537 ($15,788) and the most expensive piece was a Cartier “love” bracelet which cost £5,042 ($6,900).

Meghan’s most modest ensembles were worn during a visit to the World Trade Centre Memorial and for the couple’s first visit to the UN on Friday, which collectively cost an estimated £8,709 ($11,918).

The most expensive pieces from that day included her camel coat, a £2,499 ($3,421) Valextra Iside bag and a £1,368 ($1,872) heavy black wool Emporio Armani coat.

Meghan’s tribute to Diana

Also among Meghan’s luxurious ensembles was a £3,450 Christian Dior bag that was named after Princess Diana.

The accessory was originally called Chouchou but renamed the Lady D-lite bag in 1996 in honour of the late royal.

Splash News

Meghan paid tribute to her later mother-in-law Princess Diana during the trip[/caption]


Princess Diana with her famous Dior bag in 1995 during a trip to Argentina[/caption]

Diana was seen holding the bag on multiple occasions after it was gifted to her by the late First Lady of France one year earlier.

At the time, the extravagant piece wasn’t available to the public and was only owned by the world’s elite. 

Diana said the bag “suited her well” during a trip to Argentina in 1995 and commissioned a second in navy blue to match the colour of her eyes.

The Bench performance

During the couple’s pit stop in Harlem, they visited pupils at PS 123 Mahalia Jackson school to promote literacy. 

Former actress Meghan read from her book The Bench, which sold just 3,212 copies in its first week in the UK, while Harry sat cross-legged with school children on the grass. 


Meghan reading t children at PS 123 Mahalia Jackson school in Harlem[/caption]

During what appeared to be a Q&A session, for which the Duchess spoke into a microphone despite the relatively small audience, she explained that she created the piece because she didn’t feel books represented her as a child. 

Meghan said: “I wanted to make sure that everyone felt like they were included in this book.

“So hopefully you’re able to turn any page and go, ‘Hey I know someone like that or that looks like my brother or that looks like me.’ 

“That’s really important for all of us and I hope you guys like that too.”  

Followed by cameraman

Meghan and Harry were pictured with a cameraman at multiple locations during their trip.

They included one where the couple were seen holding hands at Global Citizen Live, in Central Park, on Saturday.

The same cameraman was also spotted trailing behind them after a meeting with the UN Secretary-General where they called for vaccine equity.


A cameraman (right) appeared to be photographed multiple times during the Sussexes’ trip[/caption]

Hugging staff members

After numerous accusations of bullying Palace staff, it’s likely Meghan will be keen to show her warm, friendly side on the Netflix documentary, especially when it comes to the couple’s employees.

When the pair landed in Santa Barbara, en route to their Montecito mansion, they were seen hugging members of staff who accompanied them on the trip.

Mandana Dayani, CEO of the couple’s Archewell organisation, was among those to receive a tight embrace from the Sussexes at Santa Barbara’s private airport on Saturday.

After touching down in New York, Harry and Meghan hugged dozens of young school children at PS123 school before posing for photos. 

Later, the Duke was snapped as he cuddled the owner of Melba’s restaurant.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen hugging dozens of school children in Harlem[/caption]


Meghan with two of the pupils from PS 123 Mahalia Jackson school in Harlem[/caption]


The Sussexes also made a speech at Global Citizen Live, in Central Park, on Saturday[/caption]


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