Heart of a Pirate : his rant against the “standards of beauty impossible”

Poses sexy, touch-up abusive, professional hardware… While pictures, models and other bloggers in swimsuit multiply on the canvas with the arrival of beautiful days, Béatrice Martin, aka Cœur de Pirate, has wished to push a blow of mouth against these clichés, factors complex young people. Tired of seeing articles about “girls in a bathing suit this summer, the singer took to his Twitter account to give his opinion on the matter. And the young woman does not go dead hand. “For real, if I see another top 30 whatever of girls in bikinis to follow on Instagram, I’m going to scream silence somewhere”, take the star, which said this kind of topics is “the promotion of beauty standards that are impossible”. With these powerful words, she aims to prevent his young fans, who are more vulnerable. “This is triggering a/f [a huge trigger disorders] for the bambis who suffer from eating disorders”. Several readers have quickly responded to the quebec singer, thanking her convey this kind of message.


A sensitive subject

This is not the first time that the artist points the finger at these new standards of beauty. Last week, she had not hesitated to post a picture of it on his account Instagram to respond to “all the men who have told him to smile” after posting a selfie… Without a smile ! “I should really listen to you. I don’t have a value without the notice that you have not asked”, she had written with sarcasm in the caption. As she, the former Miss France Laury Thilleman has also published a few days ago on Instagram a message to denounce this tyranny of perfection, which takes on more magnitude because of the social networks, places of sharing, where appearances are queens, often at the expense of reality.


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