Co-founder of Femen, Oksana Chatchko committed suicide

Oksana Chatchko, co-founder and ex-member of the feminist group ‘ Femen, committed suicide in his apartment in Paris at the age of 31 years, announced Tuesday to AFP Inna Shevchenko, leader of the organization. “Oksana was found yesterday in Paris at his apartment. She committed suicide,” she said by telephone to AFP.

Oksana Chatchko had founded the feminist movement

In the morning, Anna Goutsol, another co-founder of the movement, has also confirmed his death on his page Facebook, however, remains cautious over the causes of his death: “The most courageous (…) Oksana Chatchko has left us. With his relatives and family, we are grieving and we are waiting for the official version of the police. For the moment, what we do know is that (…) the body of Oksana was found in his apartment in Paris. According to her friends, she has left a suicide note.”

With three other activists, Oksana Chatchko had founded the feminist movement, which is known for its shares topless in April 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine. Exiled in France since 2013, the young woman had left the organization and continued his work as a painter.

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