Cold Feet’s Karen and Adam finally get together after sharing another kiss – and fans are thrilled

COLD Feet’s Karen and Adam finally get together after sharing another kiss tonight leaving fans thrilled.

The pair have been circling each other for weeks after sharing a smooch earlier in the series, and tonight they finally seemed to confront their feelings for one another.

Cold Feet’s Adam and Karen finally got together after sharing another kiss in tonight’s episode

Adam makes the first move after he saw a vision of him and Karen having dinner in a restaurant he was attending with his date Caitlin, and realised he couldn’t carry on seeing her.

As he awkwardly told her it was over, she replied: “It’s Karen, she’s the reason, the way that the two of you are together, you want to be with her not me.”

She then chucked a drink in his face and stomped out, and later, Karen asked him why he had ended things during a summer BBQ.

As the two sat together in the garden, Adam replied: “It was David’s fault, that thing he said, ‘better to be with no one if you can’t be with the right one’.”

Earlier in the episode, Adam realised he couldn’t keep dating Caitlin
Adam saw an image of him enjoying dinner with Karen, not Caitlin
The pair had a heart to heart at a BBQ

As he looked at her intently, Karen said she had to go and catch a train to London to attend a march with a vicar who had shown an interest in her while she was volunteering.

But after it looked like she had got on the train, she pulled back up at the BBQ in a taxi, much to Adam’s surprise.

As she approached, she said: “You misquoted David, he said ‘better to be with no one than the wrong one.’

“[Yours] suggests you have someone else in mind.”

Karen headed to catch a train to London
She was supposed to be going with a vicar who had asked her along to a march in the capital
But she was then seen arriving back at the BBQ in a taxi




As they got closer, she added: “You don’t kiss friends like we did Adam. Do you?”

The screen then flashed back to their previous kiss before returning to the moment and them locking lips again.

Fans were ectstatic by the scenes, with one writing on Twitter: “OMG OMG OMG just watched #ColdFeet ….Karen and Adam are perfect together..who saw that coming.”






Another added: “Oh Karen and Adam are SO going to get together. Thank f***. #ColdFeet.”

A third agreed, writing: “Yes I loved the ending, Karen and Adam get together at last.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Adam and Karen has been YEARS coming and I don’t think I’ve been this happy about a fictional relationship since Monica and Chandler #ColdFeet.”

Karen and Adam confronted their feelings for each other after weeks of circling one another




However, after six previous series and a show spanning more than 20 years, some viewers were struggling to adjust to the new romance.

One wrote: “I can’t decide if I want Karen and Adam to be together or not. They have chemistry but I don’t know if it’s right! #ColdFeet.”

Another added: “Not sure if I want to see Karen and Adam as a couple..Another great emotional rollercoaster of an episode though. Love it.”

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