Comic Relief – Bodyguard’s Richard Madden drives fans wild as Keeley Hawes comes back from the DEAD for Red Nose Day 2019 special

BODYGUARD actor Richard Madden delighted fans tonight as his former co-star Keeley Hawes came back from the DEAD for Red Nose Day 2019.

The stars made a special appearance as they were reunited for the first time since Keeley’s shock death on the hit BBC drama.

Keeley Hawes came back from the dead in tonight’s Red Nose Day special

She was hidden in the boot of Richard’s car while in his new role of protector of Prime Minister Joanna Lumley.

The actress hilariously suggested she share a room with the handsome bodyguard who became a fan favourite in the show last year.

The pair were pulled over by none other than Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar who said he was on the lookout for “bent coppers”.

Viewers praised the brilliant sketch, with one joking: “God all those celebs that hiked up Kili must be furious – Keeley Hawes just won #RedNoseDay just by sitting in a car.”

Richard Madden returned as PC Budd in the Bodyguard

Another added: “That #Bodyguard / #LineOfDuty crossover we all wanted! Even if it was only a minute long! #RedNoseDay #RND19.”

Someone else said: “The #Bodyguard sketch was brilliant and loved the #LineofDuty inclusion #RedNoseDay”

Another commented: “Yesss Julia Montague is alive… perhaps #thebodyguard #RedNoseDay.”

Someone added: “This Line of Duty and Bodyguard cross over if the best. #rednoseday.”

Another viewer exclaimed: “Knew she was alive!!!!! #Bodyguard #RedNoseDay love it.”

Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar made a special appearance
Julia delighted fans by making a surprise appearance
She looked smug as she sat in the back of the car with PC David Budd

Keeley’s character Julia Montague’s speech was killed off in the fourth episode when an explosion went off during her speech as Home Secretary.

For the first 15 minutes, viewers had no idea if Julia – played by Keeley – had survived the blast, but eventually, it was revealed she had succumbed to her injuries.

But throughout the series they were convinced it would turn out she was actually alive and well.

Unfortunately, their theory was never proved true – until tonight.


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