How to dress well when breastfeeding?

One of my pleasures as a mom is breastfeeding. I find that it is exactly what you need psychically and physically after pregnancy. Unfortunately, socially speaking, I still find it hard to breastfeed in France. Breastfeeding suffers from a negative image, as if it wasn’t feminine to breastfeed when, on the contrary, it’s the height, the pinnacle of femininity.

In this article I will help you take care of your image while making breastfeeding comfortable for you and your baby.
1) Why breastfeed?

You know me, I’m not the militant or extreme type. I think you need to feel positive in your baby’s first few days, so no pressure. But if you’re hesitating to breastfeed then read these few lines…

I was breastfed as a baby myself, my mother being Swedish, as she says so well, the question never arose. I take the most natural approach to everything I do, so it was natural for me to breastfeed Noah. Pregnant, I was already dreaming of these future moments of fusion with my little one, eye to eye, sharing this moment of common well-being.

This allows us to keep a connection, a strong promiscuity with our little one. I’m not going to talk about the benefits of breastfeeding, there is La Leche League for that (if you hesitate to breastfeed, please leave this site now and go to the site of this association which is full of tips, arguments and scientific information on breastfeeding, yes, now! )
All about the benefits of breastfeeding
Check out the La Leche League website to learn more about breastfeeding, its benefits and practice!

Remember that breastfeeding is not only excellent for your baby, but also a fantastic post-partum therapy for your body. It has a relaxing effect (bye bye baby blues!), protects against breast and ovarian cancer in the long term, it also helps the body to “put itself back in place”: you lose your pregnancy weight faster than mothers who feed with an industrial bottle.

Uterine contractions are also promoted by sucking on the nipple, so bleeding is greatly reduced. Your iron level says thank you!

Last thing: breastfeeding helps you to fight against the fatigue of very young mothers. And yes, by breastfeeding, your body sends you a dose of great hormones: prolactin, which increases the duration of your deep sleep. Result: even if you sleep fewer hours, you enjoy a powerful and restorative sleep, so you live better the first few months!

Spell Byron Bay

All too often we hear “counter talk” about breastfeeding. Everyone has an opinion, heard from a friend or relative: “I didn’t have enough milk,” “it hurt,” “my baby couldn’t suckle” ….

In my opinion, the psychological side of the problem has a lot to do with it.

You have to be confident that you’re going to make it and have confidence in yourself! For me, everything went very well, I was convinced (thanks to my mother) that everything would go very well. I also gave birth at Les Bluets, a baby-friendly hospital and therefore pro breastfeeding. The staff there is trained to make sure your breastfeeding goes well. Because it is above all a matter of know-how and transmission, (like many things in life).

Let me tell you that if you insist, because you deeply want to breastfeed and you hold on to this idea, it quickly becomes a real pleasure.

After the first few weeks, you won’t regret your choice: your child will have the best of your antibodies to fight off viruses and bacteria. Choosing a Baby-Friendly Maternity Hospital is very important if you can, because you will be supported and trained to breastfeed. As I so often say: in life everything is learned!
2) How to be stylish while breastfeeding?

Let’s get stylish! Breastfeeding mom can also be beautiful and stylish.

Should I wear a nursing bra?

Yes and no. There is no rule. Personally I alternate between the two. I have bras that I used to wear during my pregnancy and that I loved (bought one size larger than my usual size, but same models). I still wear those, in the end I only lower the shoulder strap and since these bras are made of tulle, thin and supple, it’s quite easy to handle.

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to invest in some nursing bras, and I would even say you should choose them carefully because your breasts and nipples are sensitive at this time.

Bra from Cache-Coeur


The best is to go to a specialized store and try it. You can vary from no underwire bra style ideal for night time or if your breasts don’t rise above the C or wear underwire for better support when you need it.

Don’t forget that all your sport-style bras, the soft and comfortable ones will also be great basics for your homewear or sleepwear!
Stylish while breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding is the height of femininity, breastfeeding makes you look like a Madonna! Read my advice and enjoy these moments of fusion with baby.

Is it necessary to buy breastfeeding clothes?

Of course there are breastfeeding tops, I had bought one and in the end it didn’t serve me too much because it was a little too basic.

In the end, I bet on buying two or three beautiful blouses that unbutton completely in front. It’s very practical and you can imagine wearing them with a warm wool cardigan when it’s colder. They will also serve me very well after this period of breastfeeding.


Blouse Tara Jarmon

At the beginning I was very afraid of not knowing what to wear, so I wanted to build a wardrobe in my size, because a month after giving birth I still had more than 10 kg to lose … But very quickly, I realized that we could very well cope with his front wardrobe.

Moreover, you can also draw from your dad’s wardrobe, the shirts are ideal when breastfeeding! To wear men’s clothes when you are a woman, read this article: “Clothes and accessories to pick up for your man”.
3) The winning style combo when breastfeeding

So you will have understood, no need to buy nursing clothes. Blouses are very good basics to have. All tops that are a little stretchy and soft with an open neckline are also very good choices.

For the rest of your wardrobe, I also have a solution.

I am thinking in particular of tops that have closed collars (round collar or boat neck for example), clothes that do not open etc… The concept is simple.

Wear a tank top with spaghetti straps, very basic, stretchy and a little tight under all these tops. Buy them in several colors, and don’t forget the nude! It is the color which is the easiest to wear under your clothes because it will be invisible. You can also use it on prints if you find some, it brings a touch of cheerfulness under a sweater for example.

The concept is simple and you have understood it:

1- Lower the neckline of your tank top under your breast.
2- Pull up your top
3- Then lower your bra

This way, you don’t have half your body exposed, only part of your breast and nipple is out. Plus, you’ll see, baby’s head hides the rest. Neither seen nor known!

A word about dresses when breastfeeding

They can be very practical but be careful to choose them carefully. You will have to choose them ample and low-cut. You will then be comfortable and will be able to breastfeed under your poncho or without, as you prefer.
4) The pieces to have
The nursing poncho

I also bought myself a breastfeeding poncho that I find very practical. The material is neither too thick nor too thin, and baby feels like in a cocoon, practical when traveling by plane for example, it creates like a decompression chamber for your little love baby.

Coverme Ponchos
A nice bracelet

One of my dearest friends gave me a beautiful bracelet when Noah was born and it was very helpful at first to remind me of which breast I had given birth to. I would place the bracelet on the arm on the side of the last feed. So I knew I had to give the breast on the side of the arm where the bracelet was not.

Nagle and Sisters Bracelet

The principle is to choose a bracelet that is easy to remove and that can be kept all the time, so a nice quality bracelet if possible. A nice gift to give or to be given when you leave the maternity ward.

With time I didn’t need this bracelet anymore because I quickly got used to remembering which side I had given the breast. When you feel or feel it, you can just as easily tell which side is to be given.
The bracelet
Chic and useful, it will become your privileged accessory during these moments together. Choose the good (resistant and of good workmanship) and practical (it must be easy to handle).

But it is true that this bracelet helped me a lot at the beginning, let’s say the first 3 months.

To conclude, I hope you liked this article! It’s my way to feminize and humanize breastfeeding and to pay tribute to it for all those moments of well-being with my little baby.

One last tip to finish, be careful what you put on your breasts and nipples. The best way to moisturize them is your own milk. Avoid creams, avoid industrial soaps that could irritate them and other applications. The best thing is just not to put anything on, if all goes well. If you have a rash, go see a doctor!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to tell me how you experienced your breastfeeding, how long you breastfed or if you plan to breastfeed your baby. I look forward to reading you!

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