How to embroider the second star on your shirt

For those who do not have the patience to wait for the official release of the new football shirts of the team of france with 2 stars or for those who have recently bought one with a star, and who do not intend to buy the new shirt with the 2 stars, but mostly for the pleasure of the children who absolutely want their second star on their jersey.
Don’t panic….it can be done in a few minutes !
You will be able to add the second star on your jersey and this without breaking the bank. Be aware that it is quite possible and easy enough to embroider by hand or machine, the second star on your old shirt.
To do this, either you know how to wield a needle and you paste, or you find someone in your entourage who knows how to embroider. For this, I’ve found two videos that show how to embroider a star in the hand.
You will need to find cotton yarn of the same color as your first star and a sewing needle.

Tutorial how to embroider a star on the hand :

Video tutorial to embroider a star on the hand :

Embroider your star with the sewing machine :

It is quite possible to stitch your star on the sewing machine, all sewing machine worthy of the name has one or more programs of embroidery stitches.
To avoid misses, you must practice first on fabric to test your stitches and see which one is best suited to successfully fill your star.
– Draw a 5 pointed star on your fabric
– set your sewing machine on the dot embroidery is the most appropriate
– be sure to put a thread spool of the desired color
– it is a party, fill your star, making sure to not exceed (as to the coloring).
And lo and behold, like the Blues, you’ve got your second star !

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