How to calculate your ideal weight ?

The ” it “thing that haunts women when they are in the plan :” what weight should I do to be slim, healthy and well in my sneakers ? “

For Mary Tandonnet, dietician-nutritionist, the answer to this question is simple : “the ideal weight is the one with which you are comfortable : you eat balanced, you have the tone during the day and your body is not a obstacle every day.”

Attention to the false images conveyed by advertising and by social networks : “there is a huge difference between ideal weight and real weight ideal fantasy, clarifies the specialist. It may well be round and must have reached his ideal weight. It is not necessarily a synonym for slimming ! “

Ideal weight : a formula (imperfect) to calculate

Other info-scoop : “the events of the life (pregnancy, extended illness, unemployment or even hormonal changes, etc.) have an influence on your silhouette and alter your ideal weight “. In short, it is impossible to set a definitive…

You still need a figure for you to identify ? Here is the formula used by the pros : – the size (in centimeters) – 100) – ((height in centimeters – 150) divided by 2 (for women) or 4 (for men)). We get a weight in kilograms.

“This formula is imperfect since it does not take into account that the size of the person and the person’s sex, says Mary Tandonnet. In reality, the ideal weight depends on a multitude of factors : genetics, physical activity, health status… ” An indicative formula, therefore, which he should not trust blindly !

Ideal weight : is it really necessary to calculate it ?

Attention : according to Marie Tandonnet, the obsession with the “ideal weight” can quickly become unhealthy. “Don’t let a number rule your life : in order to slim down healthily and permanently, it must first of all eat a balanced diet, regular physical activity and learn to manage their emotions.

In a pinch, the figure can be a objective thinness that will help you stay motivated over the long term. “Message received !

Thank you to Mary Tandonnet, dietitian-nutritionist at Saint-Estève (66).

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