How to cut a lemon in an original way to decorate a dish ?

Cut a lemon in two, it is like squeezing a lemon : a gesture to the reach of all. But this way, you have to admit that it casts ! Located on a plateau of seafood, it will make its small effect. Follow our explanations to reproduce with you this lovely presentation.

How to cut a lemon in an original way

After you have brushed under the water your lemon, start by cutting the two ends. This helps stabilize your citrus for the next step. Lay your lemon upright on the cutting board. With a small sharp knife, pierce the lemon, to create a cut on the whole height of the fruit, without going all the way to the tips. Then put lemon to the horizontal on the board, and cut it in half on the side for joining the two parts cut. Return the lemon, and cut again by positioning your knife on the first marks. The two halves of the lemon stand out by creating a nice graphical effect.

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