How to cut the melon into wolf teeth ?

Hat, the bowler ! This pretty fruit of been made the delight of gourmands. Cut in two, it is single serving if it is not too big. There will also be donating a small drop of port or wine from Banyuls… big melons, them, can serve as a bowl for presentation of one recipe was for two. After having chosen the right melon, dare to this presentation by wolf teeth, also spectacularly easy to do. Explanations.

How to make the melon wolf teeth ?

Start by cutting the stalk of the melon to give it stability. Visualize a belt imagination all around the fruit, then cut small slits along this line using a sharp knife. Make these cuts at an angle, spacing them a good centimetre. Then turn the melon so as to keep the same gesture for the practice of the notches in the other direction this time. You create a pattern in V. once the full tour is completed, your melon splits into two. It does not remain you more that to empty the heart of its seeds and filaments. This presentation adapts to all melons, whether they are green or yellow, Spanish or Cavaillon.

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