How to earn pocket money by being a minor ?


You’re a teenager and you want to earn the pocket money to be able to please yourself or offer as gifts to your loved ones ? You don’t want to have all the time to ask the sub to your parents ? You want to know the satisfaction of earning your own money ?

It is certain that it is not easy to earn money at 14 years, 15 years or 16 years (it is not easy to earn money at any age !), especially when it comes to apply for a job. In effect, the law is rather strict when it comes to employing teenagers. An additional difficulty is the means of payment as if payment in cash is very simple, when one wants to earn money on the internet, it becomes more complicated.

In this article, I will explain you several options to achieve to earn pocket money, and then we will take stock of the law and I will talk about different methods of payment that you can use even as a minor.

So, are you ready to learn how to become rich without waiting for your majority ?

How to earn pocket money ?


As I said previously, you can work if you are under 18 years of age. To find a job, you can start by talking about your entourage : friends, family, neighbours, the shopkeepers around with you… you play to your address book ! Word of mouth is a very good way to get a job. You can also look on classifieds sites or on social networks.

The importance of your CV

Know that for this you will need to without doubt prepare a small CV and a motivation letter. You will then need to write your previous experiences, even if they are not interesting (if you have kept the children of your neighbours on the Saturday night, for example).

Don’t worry if you do not have any experience, you can also mention :

  • the diplomas that you have passed (brevet, BAFA…),
  • your main qualities (listening, serious, trustworthy, available…),
  • the areas that you’re passionate about and in which you have special skills (computer, cooking…),
  • if you play a sport and if you play in a club (for example if you are playing in the football team of your village, your boss will be proud to hire a young person who defends the colors of his town),
  • if you play a musical instrument and if you produce alone or in a group, if you participate in theatrical performances (all of this shows that you’re not shy and that you’re open to others)…

The aim is to highlight and show to your future boss that you are certainly a young person, but that you are worthy of his trust , and quite capable of managing the responsibilities that it will give you.

Where to apply ?

For instance, you can apply in :

  • various shops (grocery, bakery, ready-to-wear…),
  • catering or hospitality (bar, restaurant, hotel…),
  • a leisure centre or a holiday camp (you must then pass the BAFA to take care of children),
  • the agricultural sector (to pick fruit and vegetables, sell on the markets…),
  • a small business (you don’t have large responsibilities but you can totally bring your help for various tasks)…

Earn pocket money by offering your services

Instead of working for a boss, you can directly offer your services. Here are a few.

Give private lessons

Give of course is often the first idea that one thinks of when one wants to earn pocket money, courses and in-school support, music, cooking, computing, diy, etc

For this you need to be an educator to make sure that your students fully understand your teachings, but also patient and accept that everyone does not understand things right the first time.

You fix your rates, but you can still estimate that a particular course is paid at least 10 € per hour.

Small tip : you can organize group courses, this will allow you to boost the meetings and especially to multiply your income. For more information, click here.

comment gagner de l'argent de poche en lavant une voiture

This little guy may soon be a fortune in washing the cars of the neighbors !

Maintain property

To earn pocket money at 14 years old, 15 years old, 16 years old, you can also proposeto maintain the property of other persons :

  • wash cars or bicycles,
  • maintain the garden (mow the lawn, trim hedges, rake the leaves, clean the swimming pools…),
  • do the chores (wash and fold the laundry, do the housework or the ironing…).

To perform these tasks, it is certain that you will have a certain degree of physical strength. For instance, you can take advantage of the vacations to one of your neighbors to offer your services. Here also, you define your rates.

Do baby-sitting

I’m sure you’d already thought of it, but to do the baby-sitting is a good way to earn money at 14, 15 or 16 years old.

The advantage here is that if you’re much too young to pass your BAFA (or if you don’t want to spend it), but your vocation is to take care of children, and of course it is possible !

You will be able to make games with them, take them for a walk in a park, cooking cakes… What could be better than caring for the smaller ones ? In addition, you can take care of children all day during a holiday week, in the late afternoon after a day of school.

This will leave the choice to compose your time based on your availability and your desires.

Needless to say, to be a baby-sitter, it is necessary to love the contact with children and be listening to them… you will also need to be neither too lax, nor too hard, but find a happy medium between the two, so that the guard is going well for everyone. You plieras in any way to the demands of parents.

For tariffs, I think that you can get at least 7 € per hour. You will be able to increase the price if the custody involves multiple children, or if it is done at night.

To keep the animals

After children, you can also take care of the animals ! It is the pet-sitting. Dogs, cats, rodents, fish, birds… here also the possibilities are endless. For instance, you can take one or more animals for a walk (instead of dogs) that hamsters eh !), you deal with it full-time if one of your neighbors go on vacation or just going to give them to eat. To learn more, it is by here.

argent de poche en aidant les personnes âgées

The elderly you will be grateful for your small services… and you collectionneras small tickets !

Help the elderly

If older persons live in your neighborhood, you can bring them your help, going to the races in their place, repairing a piece of furniture broken, in moving objects too heavy for them, by making them eat, their reading, their learning to use a computer… or simply companionship.

Nowadays, many people of a certain age will gradually lose their autonomy or feel lonely and are eager to receive a little help and a little company. In addition to doing a good action, this will allow you to listen to old stories that our elders love to tell.

And then these are lovely people who will be delighted to thank you for all your help you by rewarding a small ticket that will allow you to have a little pocket money.

How to make themselves known ?

To make you understand, you can place ads in mailboxes, at retailers in your neighborhood or in the schools. Talk also around you, word of mouth will be again very useful. You can also post your ad on the internet : some sites are specialized in this field, as Allovoisins, but you can also, for example, use the services section of the Right Corner.

argent de poche en jardinant

This gardener, grass is the envy of your friends : a neighbor went on vacation the to pay for it !

Resell items that you are useless

It was all in the back of our wardrobe or stored away in a cardboard box in the attic, old books, old toys and clothes to children. If you want to do a bit of sorting while earning pocket money, you can give a second life to all these objects.

You ought to know when will be held the empty attics near you, both on the street and in the schools.

Nevertheless, it is true that this is not selling in flea markets that you will make a fortune, but it is a way as others to make a little money for a lesser effort. You can also sell your old items online, on websites such as Ebay and The right corner , or through the groups dedicated on the social networks.

To sell your old clothes, you can also use the app “Vinted” which is very popular at the moment. To sell online you will earn more money than garage sales. For payments, I advise you to prioritise the delivery by hand which will allow you to get the money in cash. Think of setting appointments in public places where there is a lot of passage (do not choose in front of you as a place) and get there accompanied by an adult to avoid any problem. Otherwise, as I’ll explain later, you will have the help of your parents to receive payments via the internet.

What you can do also, it is swap coupons that you don’t use for cash. For example, you can propose to a neighbor to trading him 15 € of discount in a supermarket against a ticket of 10 €. This avoids wasting all of these promotions unused, and in the end, there is something for everyone at an advantage.

Create mini business

This is the most interesting part of the article for me, and the best way to earn money at 15 years old, 16 years old…

You feel the soul of an entrepreneur ? You want to create a large start-up international and follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk ?

We’ve been igniting too quickly, but know that you can still create your mini business at your age.

argent de poche en grosses coupures

You do not flash ! It is very unlikely-and even undesirable-to have so many big bills in his pocket…

There are many teenagers who dream to mount a small activity that would allow them to earn a few pennies. Only here, the problem is that at this age, there is not a lot of opportunities, but above all one does not always have big ideas in mind. In this part, I’ll give you several tips so that you can mount your small business and earn money, even if you have 14, 15 or 16 years old.

Make a little purchase and resale of objects

You can purchase any item (cheap preferably) and try to resell it more expensive then.

To buy, you can take advantage of the empty attics, classifieds sites or supplier sites as “Aliexpress” or ” Cdiscount “. For these last two sites, you will need to verify the quality of the objects before marketing them because the majority are imported from China.

Here too, you will be able to enjoy discounts if you buy in large quantities, but attention to the unsold…

To be able to resell your products, you can use social networks and classifieds sites.

Think well put in value by writing accurate descriptions and adding photos carefully chosen, it is necessary in order to sell more expensive.

Favors also handed over to cash payments. Otherwise send your products as a package, but it will pay off.

To learn more, see this article.

Sell ice cream and the water in the summer : an original way to earn money by being a minor

You can sell ice cream (or cold drinks) in the parks or at the beach in the summer.

You can buy the ice cream to a large surface, but also on the internet in large quantities and not yet frozen.

No more will you have to ask yourself, in a park or on your towel with your cooler at hand, and waiting for people to come to you.

Attention all the same, to sell products on public roads is not the top level of legality… However, I do not think that a young boy of 10 years who earns € 10 selling 10 ice cream during the afternoon to end up in prison… you have to be careful !

Repair of smartphones

Here is a new idea to earn pocket money : you can repair smartphones. We have all experienced the day where we drop our phone to the ground. At this time, the pressure rises by fear to find him in a pitiful state…

And when it returns, surprise ! the glass is totally broken.

The smartphone is an indispensable tool today, we are well annoyed, especially when one knows the price for a repair (at least 100 € and it increases with the newer models).

If by any chance you know how to repair smartphones and in particular the broken windows, a great business opportunity comes to offer himself to you. You can easily find the spare parts on the internet and there you will remain to go up. And if you do not know, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you learn and get your mini business.

For pricing, it depends on the models and of the repair, but tell you that if you want your business to work, you will have to place it below the prices in specialized stores.

How to earn money at 16 years or less in… recycling ?

Do a good deed, which contributes to the preservation of our planet while earning pocket money, is this not the best activity that exists ?

Waste management is a major challenge for our future and everyone should participate in recycling its trash, so why not start now ?

You can recover a lot of waste and then sell it so that they can be recycled, such as printer cartridges, plastic bottle caps, corks, metals such as copper or aluminum, cardboard, fabric, bottles, glasses or plastics…

I’ll take the example of aluminum. You should know that scrap metal dealers buy metal of approximately € 1 per kg. Knowing that a can of 33 cl-empty aluminum weighs approximately 14 grams, this is 72 cans of soda for a chance to win 1 €…

Mmmh but Nico it pays almost nothing!!!!!

Well, this is where you’re mistaken !

Imagine around you the number of cans that are not disposed of in the proper waste receptacles or worse yet, thrown into the street… I’m certainly not telling you to go rummage through the garbage to your city to collect cans, but instead, I will explain you how to be the cans that come to you. Rather enticing, no ?

You must make collection bins dedicated to this and place them in strategic places, explaining that you want to help to recycle waste. You can place them in schools, in business or, the best solution for me, snacks. Imagine one of those small restaurants that may serve, when it turns out well, more than 100 meals to the day and, therefore, also potentially 100 cans… not recycled ! This would allow you to easily sell over a kilo of aluminium per day.

At the end of the year, this represents a total of more than 365 € without any effort (if it is not recover the cans, store them and bring them to the scrap yard), the amount that you can multiply by the number of institutions with whom you have done business with.

To give you examples, it is necessary to recycle approximately 660 cans to make a bike, 48000 for a car and $ 15 million for an A380 ! So, what are you waiting for you to launch ?

argent de poche en recyclant les canettes d'aluminium

The aluminum of the bobbin crushed is worth a few cents. Retrieves them and sell them to scrap metal dealers !

Sell your creations

If you feel the soul of a or an artist, you can sell your creations.

Jewelry, clothing, paintings, pottery, drawings, photos… All the ideas are good to earn pocket money !

At your age, there is no need to bother to create a sales page on the internet that in addition to being difficult to setup and manage at your age, you would lose money.

On the other hand, I will advise you to create a page on the social networks, on which you can begin to make you understand and show your talents to the world. If not, you can still and always use the classifieds sites.

I speak to you more in detail of how to sell your creations in this article.

Cook and distribute near you

If you are passionate(e) kitchen, you can make dishes and organize a distribution in your neighbourhood.

Here also, let’s take an example : Madame Lepic, your neighbour, spends Wednesday afternoons with her two children after school. The latter love to eat cake, only here is Madame Lepic, hates to cook. It is good, you love it !

As well, every Wednesday afternoon Madame Lepic you order a chocolate cake with strawberries that you sell 10 €.

Having taken the habit of cooking, you put one to two hours to make the cakes. Little by little, the commands in your neighborhood-multiply and you kitchens a cake per day every week.

And well, there it is, I just teach you how to earn € 70 per week and 280 € per month for a working time of less than two hours per day.

It’s up to you to fix your rates and adjust them according to the requirement of the order. Also take advantage of the periods of celebration (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, candlemass…) to increase your income.

Earn money on the Internet by creating a community

This part will be more difficult to access, but this is to give you ideas without entering in the details for ideas of potential future projects. The main goal is to create an audience that can then lead on incomes up to substantial sums.

So here are a few ideas to create this audience :

  • Make videos on YouTube and monetize or use the product placements.
  • You can write an eBook is a digital book, and market it via ” Amazon KDP “.
  • You can also keep a blog on a topic that you feel passionate about (or not). Here also you will be paid for through the advertisements and product placements.
  • You can create an account Instagram or Facebook where you post photos regularly, followed by a certain audience. Here also, the investment of products in addition to the ties of affiliations will allow you to earn money.
  • You can also create an online store (Shopify or ” WordPress “) and sell products by Drop-shipping. This marketing technique is to be only an intermediary between the supplier and the buyer. It is a bit like the purchase and resale of products by applying margins, except that here there is even no inventory to manage.

For these different ideas, the income will be on the internet, so it will require the assistance of your parents.

If these concepts interest you, I advise you to continue to teach you from people like Anthony Nevo, Leo Guillot , or Jean-Luc Monteagudo, who post regular videos on their YouTube channels, and that offer a whole lot of training on the business online.

Thanks to the Internet, you can also generate some income by reading emails, paidin answering surveys online , or by making micro-services on the site ” 5, – eur “.

For these tricks, the payments can be made in gift vouchers, which I mention later. If you want to know how to earn money at 14 years, 15 years or 16 years of age via pay-to ” sites, I invite you to read this article where I give more detailed explanations.

As a small point at the level of the law

It is important to know that vis-à-vis the law, an individual must declare its income to the tax office to pay tax on the income. To the extent that you are a minor and where the sums involved are not excessive (it is only pocket money), all of these procedures are not necessary. But know that if you prédestines to become a great entrepreneur or if your business starts to become significant, you will have to declare it, as well as all of your income, to be completely in good standing in the eyes of the law. For this, you can easily open an auto-entrepreneur status.

According to the website auto-entrepreneurs.frthis status allows you to be exempt from taxes on your turnover (VAT) if your annual income does not exceed 82 800€ for the activities related to the purchase-sale and 33 200 € for the provision of services (01/01/2018), which leaves you a good margin of leeway to start in the business. This auto-entrepreneur status is accessible from the age of 16 years under certain terms and conditions detailed on this link.

When you are under 18 years of age, it is also possible to work as an employee. If you have more than 14 years and, with the permission of your parents, you have every right to exercise a professional activity, but know that very few companies want to hire before the age of 16 years.

In addition, the law is very strict regarding the time and the working conditions of miners. So, if you’re between 14 and 16 years, your employment will be done only during the school holidays. The job that you are going to make should not be too painful mentally and physically.

comment gagner de l'argent de poche en étant mineur

Don’t worry, the act prohibits a person from working as a miner at the mine !

Also, if you are under 18 years of age, maximum working hours maximum permissible is 35 hours per week (with the possibility of 5 extra hours if you have more than 16 years of age) and 7 hours per day (8 hours if you have more than 16 years of age). You can’t work more than 4 hours and a half continuously, in which case you will have to take a break of at least 30 minutes. You are entitled to 2 consecutive days of leave per week, in the majority of cases, weekend or Sunday and Monday). As for the monthly salary (since it is still what we are here for !), it is at least 80 % of the MINIMUM wage for those under 17 years of age and at least 90 % of the SMIC for over 17 years. Knowing that in 2018, the MINIMUM wage net is 1188 €, this represents respectively 950 € to 1069 € per month

It’s been fun.

In addition to economic benefits, to work when one is a teenager is a very rewarding experience that allows a first approach of the professional world and that is always useful on a RESUME.

If you are motivated to work, I invite you to click on the website of the Ministry of labour and on that of the that will give you all the information you need.

Attention : there is also the option of working in the black (not reported) which is really not recommended and prohibited. An employer who employed persons not reported will be prosecuted. Employees cannot contribute to their retirement and have no coverage by insurance in the event of a work accident.

argent de poche paiement en liquide

Ticket after ticket, piece after piece, here is already almost 50 € pocket money !

How to receive the money earned ?

After you have explained how to earn money by being a minor, and after having spoken of the law, I’m going to address the issue of means of payment. It is certain that the most simple, is the payment in cash, but this is not always possible, especially when one wants to generate income on the internet.

For this, the simplest way is to earn money Paypal.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is a platform that allows a payment via the email address entered on the account. Only downside, Paypal is only available to adults because it is necessary to enter the details of his bank account.

You will then need to ask your parents to sign up on Paypal for you and transfer the money that you have earned on their bank account. It will suffice then to withdraw the money in cash and give it to you.

If the payment via Paypal you do not fit, you can also go through cards or gift vouchers.

There is one for Amazon, iTunes, Google play, Steam, for some brands of clothing… They are purchasable physically in a store or virtually on the internet (the code of the card can then be sent by e-mail).

It is also possible to send a card type ” illicado “ or cheque ” cadhoc “, can be used in several signs partners.

There are so many payment solutions, now up to you to find the one that suits you !


This is I think I have said it all !

I have now proven that age is not a barrier to earning money, even if you’re a minor.

I advise you to draw some of the ideas in this article to diversify your income. You can also launch your own ideas.

Keep in mind that to find a good business idea, which is often advised is to look at the problems that you have, or that people have around you… and make a solution. Now the keys are in your hands, it remains only you dare to join, start earning pocket money and finally entering the big league !


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