How to earn Paypal money ? Here are dozens of solutions


It has now been 20 years that Paypal exists. The platform of payment online that is present everywhere. Also, the site has recorded an increase of 18% from its sales just for the year 2016, bringing it to $ 2.7 billion. This figure, which leaves dreamer, remember thatit is possible to obtain money directly from Paypal. So, in this article I decided to explain to you how to earn money Paypal.

Why Paypal ? Why it will be of interest to me ?

Today, Paypal is everywhere. More and more sites accept it, and even the physical stores are interested in it. It has become a medium of payment in full, in the same way as cheques and bank cards. It is also a great way to make transfers quickly and simply.

And then, unlike a credit card, Paypal is accessible to people ignored by banks. If you are in a situation ofprohibited banking, there are strong chances that you have removed your checkbook and your debit card payment. How, in this case, to get out of this bad situation ? Bring a little bit of money on a Paypal account, can you help. Moreover, it is possible to open a Paypal account without credit card.

In addition, Paypal offers security and encoding are very specific. If you are afraid of being robbed your bank details, thinking to use this kind of payment platform online : with it, you will not have such contact information to return. Thus, your bank account is not compromised. It is perfect for combat sites and software, unscrupulous, more people fear today.

And then, the popularity of Paypal is also part of its benefits. It is now sought on platforms famous : I will talk a little more away from the merchant sites that use this method of payment, and how to use it.

Super ! I put me there today, then !

Attention : the country of Paypal, all is not rosy. The platform provides usage-based charges, and if it has many advantages vis-à-vis the banking system, it also has disadvantages. It should actually be major to be able to open his own Paypal account.

And then Paypal is like everything else : it has a price. In fact, the platform disadvantage especially the persons who wish to receive the money, which can be annoying if you’re there to earn money online. That said, these costs are not excessive :

  • They are decreasing : 3.4% of the transaction + 0,25 € for sales of less than 2 500 €. This price then reduces as the amount of transactions grows.
  • The purchase is free of charge, on the condition that he remains French. If your purchase requires a conversion of currencies, or to a cross-border payment for example, you will have additional fees.
  • The opening and closing of the account are completely free.

What I should know about Paypal ?

For a particular, there’s a lot of specifics to report. I’ll still acknowledge the presence of an insurance for the buyers. It covers the proper delivery of your purchases. And it can even cover intangible goods (tickets, downloads, etc.). If you intend to use your Paypal money to buy online, it will be useful.

The platform offers three account types. If you are an individual, a personal account you will be enough, unless you’re a very big online shopper. On the other hand, if you are a ” pro “, you might be interested in a Premier or Business account to win the Paypal money. In fact, this is especially true if you intend to throw yourself in thee-commerce. In the latter case, Paypal will be a preferred partner for the management of your profits.

Gagner de l'argent Paypal, savoir capter l'argent qui circule

The money flows on Paypal. A you win a hand !

The big question : how to earn Paypal money ?

I know that if you’re here, it is foremost to know how to round your ends of the month. So, I do not dwell any longer : see the solutions to earn money on Paypal now.

Bail out a Paypal balance by playing

I’m not going to lie : it is difficult to become a millionaire only with Paypal. But what is true is that you will be able to earn money to Paypal, a few tens or a few hundreds of euros with the methods I describe here. Not even enough to pay for your trip to the Maldives, but all the same. And then, eventually, you might even see this as a game, with goals to reach each month

Besides, video games are a first method. In almost all cases, these are applications for use on smartphone, and thus which games to play when you have 10 minutes to spare. You wait for your train ? You’re in the waiting room of the dentist ? Get out your notebook, and generates a little money for the time that your practitioner has finished with the previous patient. However, the apps to earn Paypal money will come and go, and we must remain vigilant on new products to constantly find the best. For this first tip I spotted Cashkado, which offers to earn money by participating in the scratch games.

Like other methods that I propose to you here, the game is therefore a good idea to furnish a dead time in your daily life, while making you a little money. Of course, nothing prevents to play more to earn more Paypal money.

The cash back : money not free

You have probably already heard about cash back. It is simply a sum of money that you are paid at the time of a purchase. This amount is fixed (for example, for 2.50 € from 50 € of purchases), or proportional (2 % of your purchases are donated to your Paypal account). Among the most well-known, I have retained Igraal : with him, the discounts can exceed 10 or 20 %.

Thus, the advantage of the cash back is that it can achieve a hell of a savings, especially if you have the profile of the buyer compulsive disorder, or at least the regular buyer on the Internet : 10 % of invoice 100 euros, this makes a nice difference. Rather, the problem is that this is not free money, since it is necessary first to spend the money to then be able to retrieve some of them. Personally, I see this as a loyalty program.

The surveys and emails paid : a first boost

I’m going to present these two jointly, because their operation is similar in almost all points.

The principle of the surveys and emails paid to earn Paypal money by answering surveys, or reading emails. The advantage of this method is its simplicity : in general, it takes nothing more than a listing on the site to begin to grow a nest egg. In return, it is a method that yields little. That said, the amounts vary from one site to another, and in the long term, it is indeed possible to earn Paypal money.

Regarding the surveys, take the time to compare the sites, I’ll present several of them in this article. Some websites like Toluna can allow you to earn money to Paypal, but unfortunately you will be regularly excluded from their polls if you don’t answer their selection criteria. Others, such as MonOpinionCompte also pay on Paypal and have a payment threshold really low to 2.5 €.

Gagner de l’argent Paypal avec les sondages rémunérés

Earn money by giving your opinion !

For the mail paid, I have retained Mailorama. Tip : the majority of emails are paid to read (a little more rarely, the opening of a link provided). In these cases, select a mail box in which you can have a preview of the email without opening it : it may be that this is enough to win your reward, and so you do save a lot of time.

The sites and apps-paid : the second boost

There is another way to earn Paypal money daily : apps to generate income. They are different surveys, or of the mails, in that unlike these, those that I retained seeking to integrate as unobtrusively as possible in your daily life.

This is the case of Swagbucks. This site contains in fact a whole battery of methods to earn points convertible to cash Paypal : games, polls… But here, what interests me is the search engine of Swagbucks, which regularly gives these points, called Swagbucks. Thus, by leaving your favourite search engine for this site, you generated each day a little income, and without changing your daily life.

Swagbucks is obviously not the only one to use this model. Another way is that of apps monetization and unlocking of smartphones. The principle is simple : by installing an app such as Ulike or Slidejoy, you agree to see advertising every unlock of your phone. Just swiper to the right to remove it and actually unlock your device, or to the top if the advertisement you are interested in. In exchange for this advertising, the application pays for each advertisement viewed. This is another example of compensation that integrate with your everyday life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

While I am talking of advertisements, I want to mention the sites that are based on their viewing. They can be classified with the sites of ” missions “, that is to say, those asking to perform a specific task. Thus, it may be to view an ad, simply.

In France, one of the most famous sites is Moolineo, which I speak to you often. The concept : for each mission that you carried out (registration, contests, etc.), you earn a small sum of money payable thereafter by Paypal.

I also selected the site Ba-click, which I had at the time allowed to earn 107 euros in a few hours.

In addition, I cite these two because their reliability is recognized and they pay on time. However, it is necessary to be vigilant : some missions may require to enroll in free offers… which become paid at the end of 7 or 10 days. It is thus necessary to think to cancel your registration before, you do not prevent to touch your reward.

With regard to other missions, it should be noted that these can also be the answer to a poll or a mail, as already mentioned. But while the applications of the mails and paid surveys are focused on a specific task, these other sites may ask you to do tasks much more diversified. Thus, it can be to follow a Twitter account or a page on Facebook or visiting a website. A mission recurrent on mobile devices is the testing of mobile applications. You may as well tell you install a game on your tablet and reach level 10 to your newly created account. We may also ask you to visit a site to make a purchase, thus agreeing with the principle of the cash back.

For this part, I’m going to quote Appbounty for mobile terminals. The application looks reliable, although the objectives are sometimes hard to be effectively validated. For the sites, I want to mention the brands that are specialized in the test sites, as Testapic. In the case of Testapic, it is necessary to carry out the test with a webcam and a mic (history of share live its impressions), and then send it to the editors of the site, which will validate it. The tests are few in number, but quite well paid (around 7 € for 15 or 20 minutes of tests).

ShareVoisins, BlaBlaCar, LeBonCoin… Your neighbor feeds your Paypal account

This time, it will be necessary to give your person to earn Paypal money. But the game is worth the candle : it is to sell a good or service, and, in general, a person close to you.

You certainly know LeBonCoin. It is one of the most visited sites in France. It is also the perfect illustration of the ad : you realize an online advertisement, and if someone is interested, you ask for a Paypal payment.

The whole point of the thing is to sell clothes or other business in which you don’t use it more. And you can even go further by offering services. The ridesharing website Blablacar is the most well-known in the field, and it allows you to pay and receive money to Paypal. But then again, this is not the only one : from my side, I’ve already heard from ShareVoisins. What I like with this site is its general nature : it can be used for cooking classes, someone to carry a piece of furniture or to repair its boiler, etc This means that regardless of your talents, you have to have something to offer on ShareVoisins. On the other hand, educate yourself on the conditions that are required to be paid by Paypal, because the site does not have this feature in before.

Become a Turkish mechanical

I’m going to finish this selection by the option that comes closest to my eyes of a “real” job. It is the Turkish mechanical.

This expression tells you probably nothing : this is what is called the platform of Amazon designed to handle tasks that cannot (yet) make of computers. Transcribe an address handwritten to the computer, for example. In this case, Amazon pays people to perform these tasks. This is the principle of micro-work.

Therefore, it is possible to earn money with Amazon in performing basic tasks. But attention : Paypal is a competitor of Amazon, and we never will be able to pay this money to a Paypal account. So I’m going to send you back to Clickworker. Don’t expect to get rich on this kind of sites : for the turk mechanical Amazon, it is estimated that the compensation does not exceed $ 2.50 per hour. But this may still represent several hundred euros per month on your Paypal account.

Spend Paypal money

That’s it for ways to bail out your Paypal account. I now have a few items to give you on how to spend it. In fact, merchants do not accept all Paypal, there are a few tricks to know to do this.

How ? Even today, the whole world doesn’t use Paypal ?

Not at all ! Moreover, nothing obliges a merchant to accept Paypal as a means of payment, like checks and credit cards : only banknotes and coins cannot be refused. Moreover, as already reported, Amazon, and yet it is one of the most visited sites in the world, do not accept it. That said, Paypal is increasingly ubiquitous. Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, RueDuCommerce, TopAchat, PriceMinister, ToysRUs… All of these sites use Paypal. It is even the medium of payment default on Ebay, the owner of Paypal.

Outside of the web, contactless payments by Paypal (with a smartphone) have begun a walk in before a few years ago. But a contactless payment directly in the store remains unlikely. In the United States, the service Android Pay is already available in many physical stores : one can use his smartphone without contact in most of these stores, as is done with a credit card.

On the other hand, this service is still very little available in France. On the other hand, it is more than likely that once available, it requests to link their Paypal account to a bank account, a disqualification if you are prohibited banking.

gagner de l'argent paypal avec one touch

With One Touch, you are spending your money to Paypal in one click. Use caution… and moderation !

I’ve heard of Paypal OneTouch. What is it ?

In fact, there is an initiative, called Paypal one Touch, which is proof that the brand is making efforts so that we can, tomorrow (or even today), pay with Paypal in a physical store. In development for 2015, this is a service allowing the use of a smartphone, a tablet or even a laptop to pay for its purchases in a click.

The application is designed to facilitate online payments. Thus, you can choose not to have to enter your password to pay. But in this case, make sure to do not make you steal your camera. If this happens to you, change your password and your personal information immediately.

Of course, the service Paypal OneTouch is only available at the dealers eligible. But associated with an NFC chip, already used for contactless payment of credit cards, it is perfectly possible to forecast a development of the mobile payment with Paypal in the time to come. Moreover, Android Pay, which already offers, has established a partnership with Paypal in this regard.

And for the merchants ? Is there anything I should be aware of ?

As long as you do your shopping on sites that are deemed, as a general rule, you should not encounter any problems. But if you distance yourself from these big names, it is best to ensure that you can trust the site in question. Indeed, in the field of banking, scams (such as phishing, which involves pretending to be your bank to recover your personal data) are numerous.

Paypal is no exception. Therefore, if you receive an e-mail asking data from your account or pay money, delete this message immediately. In addition, if a merchant site is a little-known, or seems suspicious, please do not hesitate to use the site NetBusinessRating. Nicknamed ” NBR “, it is a collaborative website, where each user can report scams. Thanks to him, in a blink of an eye, you can know whether or not you can trust your merchant site.

So much for this guide ! But your adventures on Paypal do that to start with, then do not hesitate to discover new sites by yourself, and hold you always be aware of new ways to earn Paypal money !


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