How to lose weight quickly: 6 effective ways

Qiu said that in order to lose weight quickly and effectively, it was necessary to spend hours on the treadmill?

No, but seriously, think about it a little. To lose 10 pounds in 1 month, you will have to invest 154h in the next 30 days…

3500 calories/pound x (2.2 lb /kg) x 10 kg = 77,000 calories / 500 calories avg./h = 154h


Uh… no!

However, by applying the tips to lose weight the following, you will realise it more quickly. You will succeed to lose the belly without losing your time!

#1. Eliminate sugar from his diet for a flat belly

What a surprise! 🙄

The equation is easy:

une femme mince plus beaucoup de sucre égale une grosse femme

une femme mince plus beaucoup de sucre égale une grosse femme

You want to lose fat quickly and finally see your abs?

The instability of your blood glucose (sugar) in the blood is one of the sources the most frequent difficulty losing weight.

You didn’t save!

Your diet to lose weight and sculpt your body should contain little or no sugar fast. With this simple modification, you will see fast results on your fat!

Simple but certainly not easy… To help you, here are some helpful tips:

How to stabilize his blood glucose levels
  • Of course, eliminating sugar from your diet. Allow yourself one or two small treats per week if you have a sweet tooth. Need not turn mad!
  • Read carefully the list of ingredients of the food that you purchased to ensure you that there is no added sugar. Attention to processed products, products low in fat… Look at this list of foods every day the more sweet!
  • Learn to eat well.
  • Consumed carbohydrates of the complex type, that is rich in fiber and low in sugars. Whole Grains (basmati rice and oats), vegetables (sweet potatoes) and legumes. Carbohydrates should not be eliminated!
  • Banned soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as well as the juice industry. Attention to the fresh fruit juice also! Whether natural or artificial, juices and beverages are packed with sugars quickly digestible. Try the water with lemon or citrus, tea, herbal teas, and carbonated water.
  • You have a good range? Fill it with vegetables instead of pasta, potato chips, peanuts, snack cakes… or any grignotine full of sugars or fast carbs.
  • Choose fruit with a low glycemic index, berries and apples. Reduce your consumption of bananas during a certain time…
  • Learn to control your quantities by eating several times per day.

“But, I’m always on the road and with my work, it’s complicated… it’s either resto or microwave…”

It is the same story for everyone. Road, long work hours, irregular work schedules, breaks infrequent… and the list goes on.

A little bit of food preparation is the solution!

I know, this is not very exciting… Then, you can also buy already made that are health…

For snacks, have always on hand:

  • a bag of nuts,
  • a protein shake or a small tin of tuna…
  • A piece of fruit.

Simple, fast and convenient!

In short, you always have the choice: to overcome these constraints or to keep your fat… 🙁

#2. The workouts, high interval intensity (HIIT) to burn calories quickly

You really want to burn more calories in less time?

Simple, increase the intensity of your workouts.

Expenditure = Intensity X Time = ½ Intensity X 2 Duration

You can avoid also to become small and soft by doing too much cardio at moderate intensity…

cardio rameur à haute intensité

cardio rameur à haute intensité

#1. Uses of Fitness programs or weight training with high intensity to improve your body composition. You will lose more calories during your workouts but also after.

The training programs FemmeFit include sessions on Fitness and bodybuilding to high-intensity, as well as sessions of cardio at high-intensity intervals such as those set out here below. Visit the page of the programming FemmeFit for all the details or try it now to begin to see the difference!

Or, increase the intensity of your bodybuilding program by doing this circuit:

  • 30 sec of the exercise or the number of repetitions as indicated
  • 30 sec rest or less, just the time to change exercise.

#2. Instead of doing 1 hour of light jogging or stationary bike at regular speed, try:

  • 8 intervals-sprints (at maximum intensity) of no more than 30 sec
  • 90 to 120 sec recovery at moderate intensity (50-60% of max) between each sprint
  • for a total of about 20 min.

Then, a small “finisher” on the rowing machine or the bike:

  • 15 to 30 sec to your maximum capacity,
  • 15 to 30 sec of pause,
  • 10 to 15 times!

As a general rule, HIIT:

  1. Sessions between 10 and 30 minutes.

  2. The intervals of intensity (sprints) should last 10 to 40 seconds.

    The goal is that you are at your maximum THROUGHOUT that period. Of course, if you are a beginner to this type of training, it is strongly recommended to start with a moderate intensity to be able to adjust to the capabilities of your body. And take the rest longer.

  3. The rest intervals should last from 10 seconds to 90 seconds.

    These time periods may be of the rest assets in mild-to-moderate. In the case of very short rest, or intensity very high during the intervals of intensity, these periods can also be a total rest.

  4. Run, swim, bike, rower…

    As long as you’re at the maximum of your capacity during sprints.

10 minutes of cardio to the end of a workout is 30 minutes at the beginning, since the metabolism is already activated.


The HIIT are very effective. They not only help to burn more calories in less time compared to the cardio traditional intensity-regular, but it helps tone and improve physical performance.

#3. Drink a lot of water to lose weight

de l'eau

de l'eau

Your body consists of more than 50% water. If he is dehydrated, you performeras well, and your basic metabolism will tend to decrease in order to conserve its water.

Some studies even shown that drinking two litres of water a day could increase energy expenditure by 400 kJ.

Not worth it to exaggerate either! Drink 4 litres will do you not lose 800 kJ more, just go to the toilet too often…

In addition, drink lots of water before a meal can help you don’t have to pig out, reducing the available space in your stomach.

Then, take the habit to bring a bottle of water with you to drink on a regular basis. 😉

#4. Consume more omega-3 or opt for a supplement

aliments riches en oméga 3

aliments riches en oméga 3

The imbalance of fatty acids is also one of the most common causes of difficulty losing weight.

By increasing your sensitivity to insulin and decreasing your inflammation, these fats would allow a better elimination of the excess fat.

Also responsible for several cognitive functions, the omega may have an influence on your motivation to push it at the gym.

Of our days, fill our needs in EPA and DHA (omega 3) from our diet is proving to be difficult. The main sources are fatty fish as wild (salmon) and certain seeds (such as flax seeds, chia, hemp…) containing omega-type ALA which must be converted by the body before use. This decreases a lot the actual quantity used.

In other words, a dietary supplement of Omega would not be a luxury for the person that you are trying to lose fat or improve your health. If combined, of course, a good food plan and physical activity.

complément alimentaire d'huile de poisson

complément alimentaire d'huile de poisson

#5. Eat protein, lean

Ah, I’m almost certain you’re doing it already!

Essential to your muscles, the protein also helps to reach his ideal weight in:

  • That requires more calories for its digestion,
  • Giving a better feeling of satiety,
  • Preventing the loss of muscle that can occur in a caloric deficit,
  • Slowing down the assimilation of sugars, which stabilizes blood sugar.

Not worth it to abuse either!

1g of protein per pound of your lean bodyweight is more than enough!

Of course, the precise amount of protein per day varies depending on your goal.

Chosen from among:

  • Eggs,
  • Lean meats,
  • Legumes,
  • Yogurt 0% plain,
  • Cheese allegro (avoids the other cheeses are rich in fat and salt),
  • Protein powder…

source de protéine

source de protéine

#6. Reduce alcohol to get rid of abdominal fat

Oh and the barrel of wine, forget it for to see his abs!

One or two CUTS, one or two evenings per week ok. But, not every night…

  • Alcohol and beverages that contain it are high in calories.
  • Alcohol affects your body’s capacity to metabolize the sugar.
  • Such as soft drinks and juice, the sugar contained in alcoholic beverages is quickly absorbed, raising blood sugar.
  • The alcohol stops the elimination of your fats during the entire period of detoxification of the same by your body.
  • It is also a bad influence on your food choices. You know, the putin of the end of the evening…

It is simply bad for your line and your health!

Finally, your recovery, your sleep and managing your stress are also essential to the success of your weight loss.

A healthy diet, rich in fiber and nutrients, as well asa good workout plan, high intensity of course, are not to be overlooked.

You can always do 5 hours of cardio a traditional a day if you préféres?!

Otherwise, if you are looking for how to lose weight fast, the tips preceding, as well as the kit, ultimate following are alternatives that is definitely more effective.

You will save not only time, but will get better results!

What could be better?!

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