How to take care of their skin in the summer ?

Comment prendre soin de sa peau en été ?

Take care of your skin in the summer requires you to make some adjustments to his routine face daily. In fact, summer temperatures, and especially the increased exposure to UV rays cause immediate reactions of the epidermis : redness, brightness, tightness… so Here are a few tips to protect your skin from the sun and preserve its shine during all the beautiful season

1) Why is it necessary to take care of their skin differently in the summer ?

The heat alters the skin depth

Skin that shines, tightness, dryness, redness : you know from experience that the skin behaves differently in summer and in winter. But what are the reasons for this change ? To take good care of their skin in summer, it is necessary to first of all understand what is happening in the heart of the epidermis.

The first factor is the heat : in summer, the temperature of the epidermis increases, which has the effect of thinning the sebum. Therefore, the “type of skin” evolves during the season of summer and the dry skin usually return to balance. In contrast, combination skin tend to become more oily.

Second point : the sweat. When the mercury rises, the body responds by producing sweat to regulate body temperature. This phenomenon causes two effects separate and opposed. On the one hand, the hydrolipidic film is strengthened : it is positive, since the skin is naturally better protected… But, on the other hand, the pores are more dilated, and the skin shines constantly !

The third point : the dehydration. The skin does not escape the laws of nature : the water draws the water. Under the effect of perspiration, the skin becomes dehydrated much faster. To compensate, the epidermis reacts by producing more sebum. Result : the skin is more oily.This is why it is essential to modify and adjust his / her care routine is usual, depending on the type of reaction that you observe.

comment prendre soin de sa peau en été ?

Air conditioning : a nightmare for the skin !

In summer, the skin is also exposed to variations in temperatures important : travel, air-conditioned… Naturally, the skin progressively adapts to the rhythm of the seasons, depending on the temperatures, but also the degree of humidity of the air. But, with the air conditioning particularly, the epidermis undergoes strong shocks in the space of a few minutes, which helps to dehydrate them even more ! All the more, that the air conditioner absorbs literally the natural moisture of the skin. If you work in an air conditioned space or if you are taking a plane, so be sure to choose moisturizing products, if possible acid-based hyaluraunique.

Rule n°1 : moisturize your skin

We repeat it very often on Well-Dressed, hydration is THE fundamental gesture to maintain beautiful skin throughout life. In the summer, your care moisturizers will allow your skin to compensate for the effects of the heat and help to restore its balance, while protecting aging.

And as you probably know if you are a regular visitor of the blog, the first thing to do to moisturize his skin, it is… to drink water!!! This is even more true in summer : it is necessary to drink regularly throughout the day, without waiting for the sensation of thirst arises. You can drink the water, but also fresh juice (cucumber, for example, is very moisturizing), tea and infusions.

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Water : the key to a skin moisturized

Drink water regularly throughout the day, without waiting for the sensation of thirst.
  • Cure for dry skin in summer

Generally, dry skin found a better comfort in summer : hydration may be more mild at this time of the year. You must naturally continue to moisturize your epidermis, but choosing textures lighter and less rich in lipids. In effect, it is necessary to avoid at any price to prevent the evaporation of the sweat.

If you want to opt for a routine 100% natural, you can use each morning for the gel of Aloe Vera, a magical plant that has a very strong moisturizing power and in full respect of the skin. Its gel texture is very light fits very well in the summer. In the evening, rub just your face with a few drops of Argan oil.

  • Summer : moisturizing care for combination skin to oily

You have understood, should not be confused with the water and the fat ! Oily skin especially need to be well-hydrated in the summer, in order to avoid the worsening of excess sebum. The ideal is to opt for products rich in water, such as gels moisturizers, it will be necessary to apply on the whole face (including on the T-zone). Avoid especially use care ” matifying “, which accentuate the dehydration and thus the problems !

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Regardless of your skin type, apply a hydrating mask once a week to combat the effects of the heat !

2) How to prepare your skin to the sun ?

We talked about heat and hydration, it is time to deal with the second problem that the skin faces in the summer : the UV ! Because if the sun is good for health and morale (it fixed the vitamin D and gives us the smile), the UV effects are now well known.

To avoid problems, it is therefore necessary to prepare your skin to the sun as soon as the first sunny days : this does not relieve to have good sun protection, but will make your skin more luminous and more resistant. It is, in fact, help restore its defenses after the long winter months.

Special diet sun

Some foods are especially good for the skin and may help it to face the sun so be sure to put them more often on the menu ! This is all the fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants, which help fight against free radicals and thus slow down skin ageing (wrinkles and pigmentation) : spinach, kale, pomegranate… on the other hand, fruits and vegetables rich in carotene improve the resistance to the sun and stimulate the production of melanin : carrots, apricots, peaches, melons…

For more information on the topic, feel free to browse through this article : 5 foods that make them beautiful.

To give a real boost to the skin and get a tan light and progressive, you can also use food supplements. These supplements are to be taken in the weeks prior to your exposure to the sun. Attention : even if they are nonprescription, dietary supplements are not irrelevant. Take imperatively advice of a qualified professional, pharmacist or naturopath.

Regular exfoliation

When one is exposed to the sun, the epidermis has two reactions :

– it produces melanin

it thickens

Therefore, the more you expose yourself, the more your skin becomes thick and your complexion lacks luster. To avoid this, and also to promote a better penetration of your care, make it a habit to make a mild scrub once a week. When practiced regularly (and gently !), exfoliation rids the epidermis of dead cells, evens out the tan and smooth the complexion.

You can opt for an exfoliant of the trade based on natural products, or simply use a mixture of argan oil and a tbsp of sugar. Caution : do not expose yourself to the sun immediately after you have made your scrub !

3) Protect your skin from the sun

Do not neglect the sunscreen !

Prepared and hydrated, your skin is ready for the summer. But be careful ! You must protect it from the UV each time you expose yourself to the sun. Whether you live in a city, in the countryside or at the seaside you should not skimp on a good sunscreen.

The first rule is, of course, to avoid direct exposure to the sun, especially between 12h and 16h. Stay in the shade if possible, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses… in Short : protect your skin should have the priority on the tanning !

To find the perfect hat for the summer, I invite you to read the article : What hats to wear when it is hot ?

In all cases, never get out without a sunscreen adapted. To be effective, a good sunscreen should protect against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate into the dermis and destroy gradually the elastin and collagen : it is they who are responsible for the pigmentation spots and the aging skin. Less aggressive, UVB remain on the surface of the skin. But they are responsible for sunburn, and are implicated in some skin cancers.

So, choose a sun cream with a protection index high index (SPF), between 30 and 50. If you’re in the city and does not expose you not, one morning application is enough. If you go out, the more practice is to use a Spray, like the one from Bioderma, to strengthen the protection. At the beach or in the mountains on the other hand, you will need to repeat the operation every 2: 30 for optimal protection.

For more tips on the make-up of the summer, read this article : How to apply makeup in the summer.

Soothe and repair your skin

To finish, here are some tips to soothe your skin in case of prolonged exposure to the sun and strong heat.

Start by refreshing your skin by immersing it in cool water, then spray floral water of chamomile with soothing virtues. If your skin has reddened slightly, use aloe vera gel pure to soothe the burning sensation and soothe the irritation. Then apply a natural treatment, preferably organic, honey Manuka or Royal jelly : these products will help your skin regenerate…

I hope that these tips will help you keep fresh and shine for the summer ! Please do not hesitate to send us your questions in the comments, we will be happy to answer them !

See you very soon !

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