How to dress when it is cold ?

Temperatures are decreasing, the brightness is limited to a few rays of the sun diffuse and our urge to bundle up in a blanket by the fire is more and more big, we can say, the cold season is there ! Between the desire to stay home nice and warm and the obligation to leave to go to work, the question that we have been faced with is : how to dress when it is cold, while remaining stylish ? So here are a few ideas to help you see more clearly.

What to wear when it is cold ?

1. The coat : a garment indispensable when it is cold

Let’s start with the room that is seen the most when he is out and to cover themselves against the cold weather : the coat. Clothing essential to combat the cold, the jacket is a strong piece of our wardrobe. It is important to choose to stay stylish at all times.

It chooses a cup adapted to its morphology (curved if you have the size marked right if it is the opposite) and with a nice fell.

For the color, even if black remains a basic colour, remember to vary for style: grey, beige, camel or light pink will bring you more style and presence than the eternal black coat. Think about that when you buy your next coat 🙂

Is the door open for a spirit trend, and it matches the length of our mantle as a function of what we wear below. It avoids going over the edge of a skirt or a dress under a long coat for example. We favour more the short coat or long coat super long.

2. Slings : essential accessories when it is cold

The question ” what to wear when it is cold “, the scarves are of course a part of it ! I advise you, moreover, to vary models and styles in order to provide different keys to your coats and outfits. Given that the scarf will be the piece closest to your face, it is important to choose it in your tone in order that it provides you the side light you need in the winter when it is cold.

Have fun, therefore, to vary the styles, colors and materials. Think also to correctly pair your scarf with your coat ! Here you will find a little reminder to match the colors between them 🙂

3. Overlays : our allies against the cold

The advantage of winter is that we can just have fun to layer our clothing, and to mix styles while staying warm. Some examples of the mix that work :

Lace + big mesh for a sexy style/casual

Blazers, perfectos or jackets in jeans and to layer with a coat for a casual look and modern

The shirt under a sweater

It is also fun to mix materials like leather and mesh for example

You will have understood, ides are numerous and we can have fun to mix the styles to the infinite ! What we do love a little bit more cold 😀

4. Be feminine even when it is cold

This is certainly the challenge of the winter. How to stay feminine while all that you wish it is put layers on to stay warm ?

When we think winter, we think directly to the trousers very warm and the sweaters comfy. To stay feminine, we can, however, continue to wear nice dresses and pretty skirts ! A dress in coarse knit a little loose, a sweater dress with a pretty necklace and a nice pair of boots, or a mini skirt with a big sweater and voila ! You can even add the thick socks over your tights, it will be seen that the fire 😀

Vici so plenty of inspiration to stay stylish when it’s cold ! 🙂

I hope that you have more, leave me your comments below the article and I will answer your questions with pleasure !

Has soon for new tips 🙂

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