How to dress when it is small ?

How to dress when it’s less than 1m60 ? What cuts should be the priority ? What types of patterns to choose ? These are questions that one is led to ask if one does not know how to put its small size in terms of value. I’ll give you some tips here in order to highlight your silhouette. And most importantly, remember that everything that is small is nice, therefore, to beat complex ! 🙂

Choose the good colors harmony

Choose her clothes, this also well to choose their color. In addition to the fact that they are tailored to your color, it is rather a question of harmony of color (an article coming soon to explain to you how to combine the colors together). When it is small, the ideal is to visually lengthen the silhouette and, therefore, avoid the ” breaks “. For this, the harmony would be the best one is the harmony monochrome (or monochrome). A cameo or a harmony of monochrome is a harmony of the same color comes in several shades. For example, an outfit consisting of light blue, medium blue and dark blue is a harmony of monochrome. Avoid mainly the harmonies composed of opposite colors. In effect, this will result in a break-out visual and tassera your silhouette instead of elongate. The good news is that you can wear long dresses as well as combination ! Be careful, however, to choose a model that structures the silhouette and that is neither too fluid or too baggy. We will also structure the silhouette, marking the size.

comment s'habiller quand on est petite camaïeu

comment s'habiller quand on est petite combi

Choosing the right accessories

The accessories are a must have when it is small. They allow you to stylize an outfit and focus on the details and the style of the dress in general rather than on its small size. However, it should be well the choose. We favour the small, medium and ancillary purposes. In fact, the accessories larger will tend to take over on the rest of the outfit, and to crush the silhouette. For bags, we prefer average or small, and rather long lanyard in order to give an effect of grandeur all in verticality. For jewelry, they will choose rather for also and are preferred over chains rather than the ras-to-neck in order to give also the impression of length.

Regarding the shoes, you’re in luck, you can allow the heels, even very high ! Be careful however not to fall into excesses in order to avoid any form of vulgarity. For the winter, avoid boots that come mid-calf, they déstructurent the silhouette and make you appear smaller.

comment s'habiller quand on est petite collier

comment s'habiller quand on est petite sac

Choosing the right printed

In the same way as the big, the print will be choose according to its morphology. The prints that we are interested in here, these are the scratches. In effect, think of to prefer the vertical stripes to elongate the silhouette.It gives an impression of grandeur and height to the silhouette.

comment s'habiller quand on est petite rayures

Choose the right cuts

Here again, the aim is to give an appearance of height to the silhouette. We thus avoid loose clothing that shrink the silhouette, the long jackets or pants, low waist. We are privileged against clothing curved, flowing material and close to the body if one is round, the cup size mid-to-high and the jackets sleeves. It is also believed to properly structure the silhouette, marking in particular the size (if this last is marked in the contrary case, one cuts close to the body, but not skin-tight). It also prioritizes shorter garments such as the mini skirt or the crop top.

comment s'habiller quand on est petite trop top

comment s'habiller quand on est petite mini jupe

Also remember that everything is a matter of proportions, is, therefore, always to emphasize the silhouette by keeping in mind that it is important to balance the proportions of the body. And it is equally valid for large and for small 🙂

Very quickly !

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