How to use Facetune, the app that will save your photos this summer

EDITING – And if we cheated a little for the perfect photos on the beach this summer ? Grazia shows you how to use Facetune to the best.

Don’t go by four paths, Facetune is an application that allows you to cheat to improve his photos of a portrait. Slim, smooth skin, remove acne pimples or dark circles, conceal cellulite, adding volume to her hairstyle, accentuate the tan… she knows how to do everything. We are not here to judge, just to give you some tips to use it wisely and effectively Facetune to beautify your selfies.

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First thing to know : it will cost 4,49€ on the Apple App Store and 3.99€ on the PlayStore of Google for Android to give you the application. It is the price of a service which looks a bit like Photoshop but more simple and with a single purpose : to create photos more flattering than the original. Moreover, the app has been downloaded over 50 million times since its launch in 2013. Ease of use – and the result is ultra flattering – have made this app a “must-have” of the influenceuses. Today, rare are their selfies and other pictures sexy in bikini that have not gone through the box Facetune. It must be said that the number of options is impressive… and that we can do it all from the tip of the finger.

Facetune, an app miracle ? The proof by nine

1. Smooth the skin. Use the button “smooth” to smooth out wrinkles, remove blemishes, moles, erase cellulite (hello, pictures in a bikini), etc., There are two “powers” of smoothing and an eraser to go back, if you went a little too strong. Thank You Facetune !

2. To whiten the teeth. Again, select the buttons and then swipe your finger to the desired area (your teeth). Simple and ultra-efficient, it looks like you get out of a whitening session at the dentist. But be careful, you have to think to use it in a fairly systematic manner once you have started…

3. Accentuate small details. With this option, you can highlight the eyelashes as if you had a light make-up or accentuate the color of your lips, for example. This will make your look more intense.

4. Refine or reshape. Under the option “remodel”, you’ll be able to lose a few pounds instantly, refine your face a bit too round, retonifier arms…just zoom in the photo to the desired area and then, with one finger, move the skin to stretch or tighten an area of your body. Attention, this option requires a bit of learning and use with a pair of tweezers at the risk that it becomes ridiculous… and especially that note at first glance.

5. Remove imperfections. A scar, a big button that you want to mitigate or completely erase ? It is possible with the button “Correct”. Zoom in on the photo and then select an area of an ideal skin and duplicate it on the problematic of your face or your body.

6. Play on the skin tones. Want to have a skin more tanned or less red (thanks sunburn) ? It is possible in just a few clicks and choosing the right colours in the palette proposed by Facetune. This is to prevent the complexion orangeâtre Donald Trump of preference…

7. Remove red-eye. Fast and efficient, it is enough to point a finger at the two wards for the fault is history.

8. Improve the background of the image. To highlight a picture or blur a background without interest (or even ugly), you just have to choose between défocaliser or blur, and sweep over the target areas for the app comes into action.

9. Bring the final touch. With the buttons, Canvas, Filters and Frames, you can crop, rotate, flip an image, give it a “color” in general, the clear or on the contrary to darken it, add a texture, play with different objectives, deforming… in short, let speak your imagination ! Finally, add a framework for artistic results and then save the result on your phone or post it on the social networks, starting with Instagram, of course.

Don’t forget to be a good use of Facetune

  • Remember to click on the little “V” in blue in the top right to backup in the modification (or, on the contrary, press the red cross to undo what you have just done).
  • Each option has an eraser to mitigate the effects if you’ve been given the finger a bit on the heavy side.
  • The “Help” button located in the bottom right can you suggest how to use such or such button to each moment.
  • Take the time to watch the tutorials (even several times) to learn how to properly manipulate the tools.


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