Additional salary : From Zero to 10,000 euros per month

How to earn extra pay each month ? As you know, money is a rare commodity and there are not many people who manage to live well with their salary. The times are increasingly difficult, and the household income no longer sufficient for them to live a happy life. Each year, despite government efforts, unemployment continues to increase, leaving many people without income.

Nowadays, given the multiplicity of financial problems, many people are in search of a solution to supplement their end of month difficult. But did you know that it is possible to generate a good additional salary on the internet . Do you know that with the advanced technique, you can with a simple computer from scratch to win 10000€ per month ?

If you follow this blog since a few years, you know that I talk about often in my articles. I offer solutions that do not require investment, but also of methods that require a bit of money from the start. For example, in the article entitled ” how to earn additional income ? “I have presented 9 case studies that make you dream.

If these people are up there, I am convinced that you too can do it. You just need to find a method that already works, copy it and put it in place. Don’t forget that it is not worthwhile to try to reinvent the wheel, if it has already been created by someone else… no One will award you no Nobel prize for this invention.

site pour gagner un complément de salaire de 10000 euros

In today’s article, I offer solutions to earn money even if today you are starting from scratch. I will tell you how these solutions work and you will only have to implement them to your level.

Summary Of The article

Additional salary : from zero to one hundred euro per month.

You’re flat and you want to not be in the coming months . I have some solutions that will help you earn money online. I’ve talked about this in several articles, but I’m still going to present them here. To avoid making too much blabla, here they are :

1 – Read emails-paid and earn between 15 and 30 euros per month and per site

I am convinced that you will say that the mail paid does not earn a lot of money. This is true but what are the simple solutions to start by earning a little money today.

To earn money with a mail pay, you don’t need to break the head. You must simply find the pay-to ” sites, register and start to win. The best pay-to ” sites are :

Moolineo : according to me, this is the best site of this category. After testing in 2016 and receive my payments, I have never been disappointed. My checks continue to come and I can only speak well of this site. Discover how to earn money with Moolineo and apply all the techniques that I share in the article.

Loonea : this site works exactly like the previous one. It is also created by the same company that keeps paying its members. If you invite them to discover how to earn money with Loonea to increase your winnings.

Gaddin : this is the third site in this category on which you can register. After my registration, I have not really had the time to test it. So I can’t give you an estimate of how much you can earn with this site. What I do know is that several people speak well of this site on the web. If you’ve already tested, you can give your opinion by leaving a comment.

With the emails paid, using the right strategies, you can go from zero to over 150€ per month. This makes a very good wage supplement of one month if every month you put the clogged double for reading your e-mails.

Mails paid : benefits

Use e-mails-paid to earn a wage supplement is quick and easy. Your first revenues start to fall 10 to 15 minutes after your registration.

You don’t need a computer to start with making money on the internet. Even with a mobile phone and your internet connection, you can start.

Mails paid : cons

First, the mail paid can take more time than expected. The solution here is to choose a day of the week, read all your mails. For example, you can choose the Wednesday morning from 10 hours to 11 hours to read all the mails you have received. By doing so, you can spend less time reading your emails and you see your income grow more quickly.

Secondly, the email paid do not work in all countries of the world. The various sites mentioned in this article work in Europe and not in Africa. Result many readers of this article will not be able to register to take advantage of this solution.

2 – Use paid surveys to win€ 50 and € 200 per month.

The paid surveys : another one of those ideas mundane but is this really profitable ? can we really earn a good wage supplement with the online surveys ? These are surely the questions that come to mind… let’s see what he has :

A few years ago, the consumers (you and me) can’t give their opinion on the products they consume. Companies, to make a market study had to spend several thousands of euros. These same companies were able to put products on the market which do not respond totally to the needs of the population. As a result, consumers were not completely satisfied with the products and the businesses were not not most of their revenue.

comment gagner un complément de salaire à domicile

Nowadays, with the internet ; it is much easier to do a market survey to meet the needs of consumers. Thanks to online surveys, businesses now have the ability to recover your notices to best meet your needs.

By participating in paid surveys, you give the opportunity to companies we offer quality products. At the same time, you can earn a little money at the end of the month will be a good complement to salary.

On the internet there are dozens if not hundreds of sites that offer paid surveys.

The best of the sites of paid surveys are :

Greenpanthera that offers you€ 4 to the registration : with this site, you can answer surveys to make a little money. The site also offers you solutions to save a little money on your online spending. Registration on this site is completely free and as I said above, you will receive 4€ after validation.

O Pinion marketing provides you with 3€ per survey completed : leader in its market, this company is worthy, and the confidence to formulate opinions of French consumers. By answering surveys at home, you receive 3€ per questionnaire well filled.

Mysurvey (EN) : this site is a real panel made up of several volunteers who every month take part in market research. With this web site, you can answer surveys and earn points that can be converted into gift certificates. You can also give your points to charities, or redeem for other gifts.

Your opinion : if there is a site that offers you up to€ 20 voucher after your registration, it is ” your opinion “. Thanks to this site, you can say to companies what you think of their products. You can also say what you expect of them and how they can improve their productions.

My opinion counts : here is also a site that allows you to respond to surveys to earn money.

Paid surveys-the benefits

As a first advantage, we can say that this activity is easy to set up. The inscription on the sites of online surveys to be done in less than 5 minutes. Revenues then begin to fall very quickly, provided that you comply with the conditions imposed.

The revenues from the paid surveys are more interesting than those from the e-mails paid. Clearly, you earn more money by answering surveys, reading e-mails.

Here, too, your first income on the internet fall in a few hours after the validation of your response.

By combining several of these websites, you are able to earn a good supplement income non-negligible. If you read emails paid, you can earn more money.

Paid surveys : disadvantages

As in the case of mail paid, the majority of these sites do not work in Africa. If you are a reader of Africa, you must simply forget about them. Do not break the head, because it won’t work.

As a second drawback, I can mention the time needed to respond to the surveys. This time is an increasing function of the number of questions that composed the survey. This means that the greater the number of question in a survey, the more you spend time to answer.

Earn an additional salary with sponsorship.

In concluding my narrative on the e-mails paid, I told you that it would be possible to save several hundred euros with good strategies. Well I was talking about the sponsorship which is one of the best solutions to generate additional income.

What is it ? The sponsorship is to recruit clients for businesses. In a more clear way, a company offers you a compensation for each person that you bring.

Generally, with the sponsorship, you will receive a welcome bonus for each new registration. But some sites sponsorship offer you 10% of the monthly income of your referrals. This means that in addition to the welcome bonus that you touch, you will earn 10% of the revenue generated by your referral. I would like to clarify here that your gains do not come from the revenue of your downline.

What are the sites to do the sponsorship ?

If sponsorship interests you, I invite you to register on Moolineo, and Loonea these two sites offer a sponsorship program unique and very interesting. In addition to the monthly premium that you touch all, you can earn money through their contests.

In fact, each month, Moolineo and Loonea offer each of the rewards of 530€ to the best sponsors. This means that there are between 1060€ 2120€ in a game all month. The first sponsor ( the one who brought the most referrals during the period) earns 150 €. The second wins a€ 100 ; and so forth until the tenth godfather key 5 €.

In addition to its sites on the internet, sites like IGraal, and Eliracash also offer a good referral program.

This is in addition to the online banks, such as : Boursorama Bank (between 150€ and 180€ per registration), Fortuneo… With these, you can win several tens or hundreds of euros every month. The good news is that these online banks also offer a welcome bonus to subscribers. So you won’t be the only one to win because your friend also earns a premium.

Win a wage supplement in Africa : my solutions for you.

More and more Africans come on this blog looking for solution to earn money. Sometimes, it is not only Africans who want to know how to make money in Africa. I have already received emails from expatriates who wanted to know what really works in Africa.

complément de salaire gagner de l'argent sur internet en Afrique

As you have certainly noticed, the sites mentioned above do not work in Africa. The majority is closed to the continent, and this discourage us often. But today, I have a few sites on hand that can help you. With them, you can make money in Africa and withdraw with PayPal.

The sites that I will cite have already been used by readers of this blog who derive their revenues in Africa. Some earn more than 200 euros per month by using them. For this type of income, it is not only a wage supplement that you touch. A lot of families live with less than 100 euros and are very happy. Thus, use these sites to earn money in Benin.

What are the sites to earn an additional salary in Africa ?

They are not many but the little that there is is already quite profitable. It is :

5 Euros : on this site, you can sell services for 5 euros. In your advertising, for example, you can say : “for 5 euros, I will write an article of 500 words for you.” In this case, the service that you are selling it is the editorial web. Note that multiple services can be sold at a price of 5 euros.

Textbroker : on this site, several contractors offer tasks in web writing. You just need to register for free, validate your registration and to apply for the offers available on the site. Attention : so that you can apply to the offers, textbrocker you will be asked to suggest a text that will be analyzed. It is only after this analysis that you’ll be classified in a category of the editors of the site.

Wage supplement : zero has several thousands of euros with the affiliation

There are several solutions to earn money on the internet. But among these methods, there is the membership which I never ceases to speak. This is without doubt for me the best solution to start a business with zero or almost.

Affiliation what it is and how it can help you ?

If you have just discovered the concept, keep in mind that the affiliate is selling products of other people. We can also say that it is a technique of selling by recommendation.

The principle is simple : one of your friends wants to buy a coffee machine and asks you if you can help it . You answer yes and you are going to search for a store that sells this machine and that you offer a compensation for each sale. You bring your friend to the store and as soon as he buys his machine, you earn your commission.

Why affiliate marketing is very profitable ? Firstly, because you do not invest money in creating a product. The products are created and sold by companies. The only thing you have to do is bring the customers to earn commissions.

How to earn money with the affiliate ?

By simply recommending products on the internet. Today, thanks to the internet ; you have the possibility to sell the products of others to earn commissions.

This makes life easy, and believe me, you can from nothing to earn several thousands of euros with the affiliation. Personally I started with the affiliation in 2014, and today I can tell you that it is my best source of income almost passive. You can receive free of charge by clicking here my method in 6 lessons to get you started in affiliation with the digital products.

Where to find products to sell as an affiliate ?

Generally, these products are available on affiliate platforms. These are the internet sites on which contractors submit their products to be sold. To sell physical products such as books and others, you can use Amazon. However to sell digital products, platforms will be specialized as 1tpe and Clickbank.

gagner un complément de salaire sur internet

However, there are several companies that manage themselves their own affiliation platforms. In this case, it is necessary to find them to register.

Make the affiliation : What are the benefits

If you have read this article until here, you have certainly noticed that the mails and paid surveys don’t work in all countries. For example, Africans cannot register on these sites to earn an additional salary.

But with affiliation, this block will be lifted. The majority of the platforms of the memberships are open to anywhere in the world, and therefore in Africa. I also started my adventure on the internet by registering on these platforms from Africa. That this is the partner program of Amazon, 1TPE where ClickBank everyone can register to sell the products available.

Another benefit when you feel the affiliation, it is the cost to start. If to create a real business you need several thousands of euros, with the membership it is just the opposite. You can also get started without any investment and therefore with zero euro

Make the affiliate : The cons

A lot of people think that they can be begin in the affiliate and earn a wage supplement quickly. Usually when I talk with clients in coaching, some of them tell me that they want to earn a lot of money in 30 days.

Be aware that in order to develop a profitable business in the sale of products of other people, you need to work on. It takes time and requires a minimum of regular work. Don’t expect to earn a lot of money in 30 days. If you start today, you will need at least 6 months to start to see interesting results.

Win a wage supplement with niche sites.

On this blog, I regularly talk of niche sites and their ability to generate income semi-passive. If you do not know what is a niche site, I refer you to this article that deals with the subject. You will learn more about the subject and maybe you’ll want to launch.

Since I got into niche sites, I’ve generated more than 10,000 euros, with my network of sites. Its revenue solely from affiliate with platforms such as Amazon, 1TPE, Daisycon etc

On the internet, I’m not the only one to rise of niche sites. Several entrepreneurs are also and some of them earn more than 10000€ per month. To discover these entrepreneurs, I refer you to this article.

Niche Site : What are the benefits ?

Up niche sites, it’s a bit like buying an apartment and rent it out. Each niche site is a source of passive income that you put in place. When your sites bring in the money, you can let it run alone and enjoy life.

It should also be noted that with the niche sites, you do not lose money provided to develop your site. Even if it is not reported 10000€ per month, it will earn much more money than the investment that you have made. Imagine that you create a site with 45€ and you focus to develop it for a few months.

Each year, you will pay 45€ to keep it in line. If your site earns 5€ per month, at the end of the year, you will receive 60 €. As a result, you will realize a profit of 15€ for an investment of € 45. The ROI (return on investment) on this investment is much higher than the yield of the booklet A which yields 0.75%.

Niche Site : the cons

Build a good niche site is not done in a snap of the finger. Each web site on line request, a regular job from 6 months to a year. If during this period you are sleeping, your investment will be a failure and you will lose money.

Secondly, we do not engage in the creation of a site in any niche. You must know how to choose a niche of profitable in which the competition is going to be moderately low.

If you are interested in niche sites, I recommend you train before you launch. This would allow you to understand how it works to generate a good wage supplement.

Earn an additional salary by creating a blog

Many proclaim that blogging is dead and that it is better to get started on YouTube, Instagram and company. Even if I acknowledge that it is difficult today to create a blog and grow its traffic, I am not of their opinion. Blogging is not really dead and several bloggers still earn money with their blog. I want this blog since 2014 and year-to-year, its traffic continues to grow.

With a blog, you can publicize your expertise and develop a community of passionate people. With this community, you can sell products to earn additional income on the internet.

Earlier, I spoke about the sponsorship and affiliation. I’ve explained to you how many times these activities may generate passive income on the internet. With a blog for example, you can easily put in prior to your referral links to earn additional income.

But there was one point where I agree with those who say that blogging is dead and you recommend social networks. By developing a blog, a YouTube channel, an account with instagram and other, you will have more visibility. You will have a better chance to make money on the internet.

Earn an additional earnings with drop shipping.

E-commerce is the trend business at this time. Drop shipping commonly referred to as direct delivery is a system in three parts. It links the consumer (customer) who passes his order on the website of the merchant (distributor). The latter transmits the order to the supplier (the wholesaler) who is in charge of the delivery and management of the stock.

If you want to earn money with drop shipping, you will be a simple distributor. You must then find a provider, set up your e-commerce site, promote your products and generate sales.

In the past few months, a lot of people are engaging in drop shipping and training parade every day. It is this which proves that the drop shipping is quite profitable. But I do not recommend you to start without accurate information. Educate yourself before you start to avoid newbie mistakes that can cost you a lot more money.

Wage supplement : my action plan to go from Zero to 10000€ per month.

If you have read the article up to this level, it is because you have discovered several solutions to earn money. Now, I propose to you a plan of action to go from zero to 10000€ per month of income. Yes you read that correctly and I weigh my words. It is indeed possible to start from scratch to earn a lot of money with cost-effective solutions contents in this post.

But above all, be aware that this will not happen easily or quickly. It will take time and will require a little effort on your part. If you are not able to work, forget it. You don’t make 10,000 euros per month without doing anything. There has always been a basic to install, even if you think that it is possible to receive monthly pensions. Here is your action plan :

1 – Sign up on the pay-to ” sites.

If you read this article, it is that you already have an access to the internet. You can therefore immediately register on two or three of the sites proposed at the beginning of this article. The registration is free and is usually done in a few minutes times.

By registering on the pay-to ” sites, you can as soon as this month to start to win your first euros on the internet. With two or three sites, you can earn several tens of euros before the end of this month.

If you come to Africa, I recommend the site 5 Euros. It is the only one that is currently open in Africa. He pays by PayPal and you can find a guide PayPal for all here.

2 – Increase your income with paid surveys.

As said above, it is possible to earn several tens of euros with paid surveys. In order to increase your income, choose a few sites in this category and register. Here, too, registration is free and is done in a few minutes.

The paid surveys will not make you rich, but they will allow you to earn a wage supplement… With its first income, you will be sure that it is possible to make money on the internet.

If need be and if you have bank accounts in Boursorama where Fortuneo, increase your income with sponsorship. It is always a little more money.

3 – Increase your income by selling your services online

Here, you simply need to determine a few services to sell online to earn a little money. The goal is to earn enough to round your ends of the month and develop passive income. This will allow you to not need a wage supplement.

4 – Start in the affiliate

With your first income from the mails and paid surveys, get started with the sale of products of the other. As said above, affiliate marketing is one of the best solutions to earn real income on the internet. There are many people who live on them and why not you ?

Use your first earnings online to buy a training that shows you exactly how to earn money with affiliate marketing. This will allow you not to lose time and earn more than a wage supplement. By doing things well, you can earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

Using your first income to develop new sources thanks to the affiliation, you do things well. You will earn more than 10000 euros per month in a few years and you will be financially free.

5 – Sell your expertise on the internet.

The affiliation does not interest you ? You have the right, but as I said earlier, you can sell your expertise on the internet. To do that, you can share your tips on a blog or through video on YouTube. By combining multiple platforms, your audience will grow and you can monetize by selling training courses or advice.

The sale of council is an activity that is ultra-profitable on the internet. For proof, hundreds of information products are available on the platforms of affiliation. One can also speak of the hundreds of coach who are born as champions on the internet.

Here ends this article. I could continue to share with you advice to start from scratch and earn a wage supplement. These same solutions can help you become financially independent if you use them wisely.

I wish you now a good chance. But before you leave, don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments.

Do you think that it really is possible to earn an additional salary by following these tips ?

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