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That one has a job or not, the time of month can still be difficult. If one takes into account the fixed costs (expenses, rent, insurance, loan repayment), regular expenses (food, leisure, clothing, etc) and unexpected expenses (if your water heater lets go for example), then very quickly, the money you spend on a monthly basis may explode. So we end up very quickly with the feeling of not being able to cope, and ultimately what the future

Earn money online, it is really possible ?

Earn money on the internet is not just a myth that is propagated : it is possible, but one should be aware, however, of the limitations of the model. Indeed, as you will discover in this category, many opportunities exist to allow you to get the supplements for months.

However, the sums will never be exceptionally high (don’t expect to win 100 euros per month only with paid emails, for example), and you will therefore need to combine several methods to obtain a complement decent. We make a tour of horizon with you !

The paid emails

clics remuneres

Several sites, like Moolineo or Loonéa, you will receive emails in exchange for which you will earn points. You can then convert these points into money, you will be able to withdraw beyond a certain amount (the minimum amount being set by the sites themselves). The principle is simple : you receive an e-mail advertisement that contains a link, and simply click on the link to rack up the points. Simple and fast !

The advertising paid

moolineo avis remuneres

Operating on the same principle and the same sites that the paid emails, advertising, paid is most of the time in a software that you must download. Each time you launch this software, it will display pubs, and each pub displayed, you’ll earn credits that you can in the same way to transform into money later. The process is interesting, even if it is hard to fool (you can’t browse at the same time, for example, otherwise the software will pause). Theinscription on Moolineo here

The surveys and paid surveys

sondage mon opinion compteIt is one of the methods most in vogue currently to earn money on the Internet.

That one goes by Opinion, Marketing, Toluna or MySurvey, you will have to fill out your profile (age, geographic area, socio-professional category, etc)

Using an algorithm, the site will then direct guests on surveys paid that match your profile. For each survey completed, you’ll earn money that you can unlock at a certain amount.

The freelancing : sell your talent !

On the model of the american Fiverr platforms are developed in france to put in relation to individuals offering a talent and individuals or professionals who are seeking this talent. That you have facilities for writing, translation, coding, teaching,… regardless of any talent can find its potential seller thanks to these platforms, such as 5euros.com. You just need to find out in what areas you are gifted, then create your good service !

Provide online courses for individuals or professionals

gagner complément de salaire

On sites such as Superprof, it is possible for you to offer your services to teach classes physically or online directly. Using a system of visio (via Skype, for example), it is possible to give courses in English, French, philosophy or even mathematics.

You will need to indicate your level as well as your specializations, in order to ensure that the course will be a minimum qualitative. The standards, however, are not very high, also is it possible to easily offer your services. Also remember to indicate the levels at which you are speaking : if true of course for students in the university, you will earn more money, they also require more skill on your part. Be realistic in your estimate !

It should be noted that the courses can be theoretical (material) but also technical and vocational programs.

The sponsorship programmes : share sites with your friends

We find this principle especially with online banks, that is not the only concerned. Thanks to a program sponsorship, you can get a sponsored link that you can then turn to the contacts interested. You will then of money if people register through the sponsored link and that they do not report an activity on their account.

But the sponsorship does not stop at the banks : many web sites offer to their members sponsorship programs to get wage supplements. Take a tour of the sites on which you are registered : you will find out all the potential !

Cashback : get money on your money

igraalThe cashback, literally ” money-back “, allows you to earn money on the purchases you make. Yes, you read well : if you do your shopping online through specialised intermediaries, you will be able to earn a certain amount of your purchase in cashback, and as well dedicate these funds for future purchases.

More and more sites, even non-specialized in the cashback start to put in order to attract a larger clientele. Consider the purchases you make regularly, and see if it is possible to perform online. The cashback that you will get can quickly become very interesting ! Subscribe to the leader : Igraal

To monetize the products of the daily

If you take a tour of the products you have at home, you quickly realize that you do not use a number of them a few times per year only. These products represent, depending on how you look at it, a gold mine or a deficit. It explains to you !

Rent this which is a little

There are many objects that you use little, who will eventually take up the dust before a next possible use. From there, they are as much objects as you may avoid buying new, but that you could instead rent. Of course, the rental involves a loss of money (because you do not have to ever be), but this can prove particularly useful if you need objects that you do not use often. For example, if you occasionally need a car, but you are using lots of public transport everyday, why not rent a car rather than purchase it directly, which represents a sacred hole in the budget ?

Allow others to rent

Conversely, you have many objects that you can’t use it only occasionally, or during seasons in particular. For example, all of your tools for the garden, brush cutters and lawn mowers are going to stay in your garage for the winter. Then why not to benefit those who would like to use, by touching a bit of money in the passage ? LeBonCoin or Zilok allow you for example to rent your equipment of all kinds, and even your wedding dress, Ouicar Drivy your car, and AirBnb and Roomlala rooms and apartments. This may allow to reduce number of costs inherent to the use of these objects / properties.

Bonus : The home sale, a business that can pay big dividends

We knew with Tupperware, but many companies have started to initiate the process. It is simple : you are commissioned by a company to sell its products at meetings that you are hosting at home. This implies, therefore, to have a network large enough to hold regular sales. Note, however, that the home sale can earn you a wage supplement very interesting, because you will receive a commission from the company for each item that you sell.

However, the home sale requires some investment in terms of time, and you are not always safe to have a return to be very fruitful (if nobody buys anything during the meeting). So, it is a project in which you can not start you on a whim, but that you need to think about.

Blogging and e-shop

This part is more aimed at those who already have an important activity on social networks, or have a blog on which you post regularly. However, it is said ” better late than never “, so don’t hesitate to read our advice, and may be will you want to start.

How your blog can earn you money ?

On a blog, in theory, you expose what you like. You are going to write articles, occasionally or regularly, on one or several topics that you like. Your blog is therefore going to attract an audience who shares the same tastes as you. This is something that you can easily monetize it, for example by installing ads on your blog. You will receive a commission based on the traffic that operates your blog.

Beware, however : some of the pubs can be particularly intrusive and can annoy your readers. Moreover, more and more people use ad blockers such as AdBlock, which can candidly limit the advertising revenues.

Open its online store


If advertising is not your thing, then why not open an online store ? This can be interesting with the principle of the affiliation to generate passive income. For example, if you hold a blog on the literary news, why not incorporate your favorites in a shop that relayerait the books that you love ? For example, you can find these on Amazon, and for little as you to integrate the program partners affiliate, you can then receive a commission on the products that you sell. Look from the side of Shopify if you are interested in droppshipping, this platform allows you to mount your shop in few minutes and generate a wage supplement.

Has to do with caution : online games and sports betting

It is more of something that we recommend if you are already a lover of games of chance and betting of sports. They represent in effect an amount that you must invest, and you need to be aware of their own limitations, budgetary and financial.

Play intelligently

jouer a euromillions

It exists in our brain what the scientists called a ” bias optimistic “. To put it plainly, this is a phenomenon in which the brain will overestimate the chances you have of winning compared to the actual chances. This phenomenon is at the basis of the problems of addiction to games, and in particular this belief in ” the next time will be good ! “.

If you want to indulge in the games of chance and to sports betting, then think of yourself first turn rules. Set the maximum budget that you are willing to spend on this hobby, and stand y. sites such as la Française des Jeux or ParionsSport, for example, require you to specify a limit to the maximum bet per week. If you exceed this limit, the game is blocked until the time is up. Good point : if, in a state of frenzy of the game, you try to change the set limit, then the limit will not take effect until a few days later. This is done in such a way that you do not change the limit to continue to play directly, and therefore the risk of losing large sums.

Keep in mind that the sites of paris sports and online games can allow you to earn large amounts, but that the part of chance is still very important.

Wage supplements galore

You will understand : the ways of making money, online or not, are legion, and it will therefore be possible, by giving a little of your time and multiplying methods, to obtain an interesting complement.

Feel free to include some methods directly into your daily life, like the cashback (do your shopping directly online !). Also remember to experiment with different methods : in this manner, you will find the ones that interest you the most and where you feel to spend more time. In this way, the wage supplement will happen much more quickly… and in larger quantities !

Wage supplement : discover the reliable solutions

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