Concerns grow for MPs’ safety as former minister receives death threat for joining Tory No Deal Brexit rebellion

A FORMER minister who battled cancer revealed yesterday he’d received a death threat after joining a Tory rebellion over a No deal Brexit.

Nick Boles was sent an email saying “your days are f***** numbered traitor! Prepare to die…” but branded the person a “sad coward with nothing better to do” amid growing concerns of MP abuse.


The inspirational cancer survivor Nick Boles has become the victim of disgusting online death threats[/caption]

Theresa May condemned threats of violence and intimidation against MPs and journalists. She said politicians and the media should be able to “go about their work without harassment and intimidation” as tensions heightened in Westminster.

Mr Boles – one of 20 Tories who joined opposition parties to backing a cross-party amendment to limit the Government’s powers to make tax changes in the event of no-deal on Tuesday evening.

The Grantham and Stamford MP tweeted: “Received this charming message through my website last night. If the inadequate who sent knew anything about me he would realise I need no reminding that my days are numbered!”

But he said he was worried that someone may end up “falling victim to somebody with a screw loose and a lot of hatred in their heart”.

Mr Boles believes ‘we need to see more people being charged’ over threats against MPs and journalists
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He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I do feel great concern that someone in Parliament or not in Parliament – journalists have been subjected, Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC, Owen Jones from the Guardian, others in the debate have been subjected to similarly vile attacks – and I do worry that somebody else may end up falling victim to somebody with a screw loose and a lot of hatred in their heart.”

He warned if the threats become “normal” then somebody “will then feel that they have to act on the threat, because just making a threat will seem so everyday”.

He added: “We do need to see more people being charged, more people being prosecuted and more people being jailed for making these threats, and for behaving in the way that those people did who shouted at Anna Soubry a couple of days ago.”

It came as Labour MP Harriet Harman launched a joint bid with Tory MP Ken Clarke for a Speaker’s Conference to report on how best to tackle harassment, violence or intimidation by MPs.

Another Tory MP who voted against the Government on Tuesday night was warned that their “days are f****** numbered”. And a female Labour MP was forced to take out a civil action against a stalker – paid for by the party – because of fears police involvement would harm the man’s mental health.

On Monday, pro-EU Tory Anna Soubry was was branded a “Nazi” and a “liar” by a mob who targeted her during live television interviews and then followed her as she made her way back into the Commons.


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