Driving the first Porsche : the test of a life

On June 8, 1948 at Gmünd (Austria), Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry, the future father of the 911, present their new toy : a two-seater cabriolet silver, struck for Austria. Named 356 Roadster 001, the pioneer is distinguished by the purity of her profile, which says a lot about the ambitions of its designers.

Contemporary of the 4 CV, it owes much to Volkswagen, starting with its four-cylinder engine to the flat, borrowed from the Ladybird, and the pedals hit the VW. Since that day, it remained the property of the brand. Seventy years later, Porsche was entrusted to a privileged few.

23 seconds to reach 100 km/h

Before enjoying the softness of her upholstery redone to nine, it is necessary to climb over the pontoon and pull in the stomach to slip behind the steering wheel to the diameter extra-large. Tradition emerging forces, the ignition key is inserted to the left. To start with, the 35 horses out of their stupor without being asked. So light on the scales (585 kilos), so heavy in the hands, the frail seventy-year-old moves in with the enthusiasm… of a senator. Twenty-three seconds to reach 100 km/h, 135 in advanced… Finally a Porsche that does not disturb the clock. Between the lack of safety belt, the fine rim of the steering wheel it takes to grab hold of all of his forces to hope to turn, the brake that it is better to anticipate and gear box that will fit in the shoe-horn, we quickly abandoned the idea of driving.

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Through the mini windshield, welcoming wiper blades thick as tagliatelle, we take the time to admire the view and get distracted by the needle of the gauge that makes the yo-yo… before you return the 001 to its owner. History will record that the 002 was the first Porsche sold and that it was acquired, but yes, by a woman. Pretty foot of nose to the prejudices.

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