Conor McGregor DNA test reveals he’s ‘not the father of secret Grand National lovechild’

CONOR McGregor claims a DNA test has revealed he is not the dad of a secret lovechild allegedly conceived during the Grand National.

Terri Murray, 26, had claimed she gave birth to the ex-UFC star’s daughter after a hotel romp following the racing event in 2017.

Terri met Conor McGregor in a Liverpool nightclub
He says a DNA test revealed Clodagh is not his child

But McGregor, who repeatedly denied sleeping with Terri, has today claimed a DNA test proved the tot, named Clodagh, is not his.

The fighter – nicknamed The Notorious – is understood to have had swabs taken from his mouth, with testing carried out by a private lab.

They showed there is a zero per cent probability he is the one-year-old’s dad, according to The Herald Ireland.

A spokesperson said: “To conclusively end any and all erroneous media reports, Conor McGregor took a DNA test recently which confirmed to all parties that he is not the father of the child in Liverpool.”


Terri shot into the limelight in February when she alleged they had sex at his hotel after the Aintree Grand National — just four weeks before Conor’s girlfriend Dee Devlin, 31, gave birth to their first child, Conor Jr.

McGregor had always denied being Clodagh’s dad and insists that Terri slept with one of his friends, not him.

She repeatedly stated she did not want money from the former two-weight UFC world champion but wanted him to admit responsibility.

Terri said at the time “I just want to prove he is Clodagh’s dad and I’m not lying.

“If he gets that DNA test, I’ve said, ‘You never have to speak to me again, you can walk away’.”

She claimed she ended up in bed with the dad-of-two after one of his pals invited her to his room in Liverpool’s Hilton Hotel.

Terri said McGregor put his arm around her and walked her into the bedroom after she asked for a photo with him.

She said: “In the room was an en suite bathroom and he’s gone, ‘Baby, I’ll give you a home movie never mind a picture’.”

The Sun Online has contacted Terri for comment.

Terri claimed she bedded McGregor after the Grand National in 2017 - a claim he strongly refutes
Terri claimed she bedded McGregor after the Grand National in 2017 – a claim he strongly refutes
McGregor said a pal had slept with Terri


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