Cookies Pecan/Maple Syrup {Vegan}

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As I had promised it a few days/weeks, here is the second recipe of cookies made for the year-end gift to mistresses/Astem/facilitators

I you had put the first : Cookies double chocolate and 3 nuts

And today, the second, no chocolate but just as greedy

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

You need

100g of margarine

100g of sugar

50g maple syrup

230g flour

1/2 sachet of baking powder

vanilla powder

1 pinch of salt

75g of pecan nuts

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

We begin by putting the margarine brought to room temperature, the sugar and the maple syrup in a bowl

Are mixed to form a kind of cream

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

Add the vanilla and mix

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

Add the flour, pinch of salt and the baking powder

And mixed with the spatula and, if necessary, with the hands until obtaining a homogeneous paste

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

Then we add es pecan that has been coarsely crushed

We are mixing to distribute evenly in the dough

We preheat the oven to 180°C

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

We will then form small balls of dough placed on a baking sheet covered with baking paper or mat silicone spacing them well (I did 16 in all)

It crushes slightly

And it bakes for about 13 minutes (it depends on the oven)

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

Until they are lightly browned

Allowed to cool so they harden ( they are still a little soft out of the oven this is normal)

And it is ready

Cookies Pécan/Sirop d'Erable {Vegan}

And lo, they are gone in the boxes

Apparently they liked ^^

You have to play !!

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