CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga reflects on 10 years since her breast cancer diagnosis

AS is customary around this time of year, I reflect on what has been another truly bonkers 365 days in my life.

It’s at this time that I take stock of it all, scratch my head and thank my lucky stars.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Kris decided to try out sound healing group sessions after her recent brain treatment[/caption]

So, here we are at the gates of the year 2019 and I can’t help but think: How did this happen?

Ten years ago, at this precise time, I was in Morzine, France, with my family on a skiing trip. I had with no real plan for my next life steps, so I was glad to be thrown into a little holiday as a distraction.

While there I was suffering with very bad lower back pain and boob pain so I permanently held a hot wheat bag to ease the discomfort.

I would ski, I would fall – of course I fell – and in doing so I made the pain in my back even worse.

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This pain was cancerous cells making themselves comfy on my lumbar spine, having spread from my now ginormous boob tumour. Yet I had no idea.

It was a strange time. In fact, I was kind of lost and in need of direction.

Little did I know that six weeks later I would find that direction with a breast cancer diagnosis.

If that 23-year-old Kris stood in front of me now, I would barely recognise her.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Kris had a lot of worry, anxiety and stress that she needed to let go of and found that lying on a mat ‘surrounded by lovely sounds’ helped[/caption]

I am getting older – and I can honestly say I am right now the best version of me I can be. I really, really like me and the woman I have become. I like my outlook, my courage and strength, and I bow down to my grit.

This year has been a trying one and when I didn’t think I could be challenged, I was thrown a few new curveballs.

There have been good scan results, bad results, moments of utter despair and sadness, times of unwavering hope and, as I write this, I feel pretty well.

You see, when it comes to cancer, this year hasn’t really been much different to any other. I have lived with cancer.

It’s been just as deadly and unpredictable as any of the other nine years I’ve had it.

I’ve been to some epic places, I’ve relished my life in Cornwall, CoppaFeel! got cancer education on the curriculum (among other cool stuff), I’ve given many wonderful talks up and down the country, I’ve stared at the ocean, I have laughed so hard I almost wet myself.

And I wouldn’t actually have it any other way.

Happy New Year to you all!


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