Cops fear fugitive ‘machete maniac’ student Peter Manfredonia may have hijacked a car and fled PA for New Jersey

ALLEGED killer Peter Manfredonia may have hijacked a car in Pennsylvania and could be traveling through New Jersey, cops fear.

Police reportedly issued a “be on the lookout” alert for the 23-year-old college student to police departments in both states just after 1:30pm on Tuesday.

Peter Manfredonia
AP:Associated Press

Peter Manfredonia may have stolen a car in Pennsylvania and could be traveling through New Jersey, police said Tuesday[/caption]

Cynthia and Ted DeMers

The 23-year-old UConn senior is accused of killing Ted DeMers (right) with a machete on Friday[/caption]

Cops in surrounding areas were advised that Manfredonia is believed to have stolen a black 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania at around 9pm Monday.

The car has a Pennsylvania registration KYW-1650.

Police haven’t connected Manfredonia to the theft, they said.

He may have been en route to Jersey City, New Jersey, after the alleged theft, NJ Herald reported.

Residents are advised to avoid any contact with Manfredonia as he is considered armed and dangerous.

The University of Connecticut senior has been on the run since Sunday after authorities said he dumped a car he stole from a high school friend in Knowlton Township, New Jersey before fleeing to Pennsylvania.

Manfredonia is accused of killing Connecticut residents Ted DeMers, 62, on May 22 and his Newtown High School classmate Nicholas Eisele, 23, on May 24.

Nicholas Eisele

Manfredonia is accused of killing 23-year-old Nicholas Eisele, a high school friend, on Sunday[/caption]

Peter Manfredonia
He allegedly stole Eisele’s Volkswagen Jetta and abducted his girlfriend after killing him

He allegedly abducted Eisele’s girlfriend in their stolen Volkswagen Jetta after killing his friend on Sunday.

Ted’s wife Cynthia DeMers revealed on Tuesday she told state police detectives the accused killer had been terrorizing a neighbor’s daughter.

She said Manfredonia was looking for a female acquaintance when he walked down the road in front of their home in Wilmington while wearing a motorcycle helmet.

When asked why he was walking down the road, the alleged murderer explained that his motorbike had broken down, DeMers said.

Moments later, Manfredonia hacked her husband to death with a machete after he gave the young man a ride back to his bike.

Ted and Cynthia DeMers

Cynthia DeMers (right) revealed on Tuesday that Manfredonia had been stalking her neighbor’s daughter[/caption]

Ted DeMers

‘I think [Ted] got in the way of what he was going to do,’ Cynthia said of Manfredonia killing her husband[/caption]“He said to my husband, I know so-and-so, who is one of our neighbors, which then opened up the door to trusting this person,” she said.

“I think he got in the way of what he was going to do.”

The widow said she talked with their young neighbor’s father over the weekend and was told the family had been considering a restraining order against Manfredonia, who had previously visited the home.

Manfredonia, who is believed to be armed with several guns stolen during the home invasion in Willington, was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and dark shorts and carrying a large duffel bag.

Police have circulated a photo of a person matching his description walking along railroad tracks in East Stroudsburg.

The FBI has now joined police in three states — Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania — in the search for Manfredonia.

Police image PA train tracks Peter Manfredonia
Twitter/ Trooper Petroski

Police released this image of the alleged killer crossing railroad tracks in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania[/caption]

Peter Manfredonia
Manfredonia is believed to be armed with several guns stolen during the home invasion in Wilmington, Connecticut

Connecticut State Police pleaded at a news briefing on Tuesday to turn himself in.

Through their lawyer Michael Dolan, Manfredonia’s parents have also urged him to surrender.

“Peter, from your parents, ‘We love you. Please turn yourself in’,” Dolan said at a press conference on Monday.

Michael Dolan

The attorney for Manfredonia’s parents, Michael Dolan, has issued a statement on their behalf, saying: ‘We love you. Please turn yourself in’[/caption]


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