Corbyn is not fit to lead our country after dragging the Labour I loved into the mire of anti-Jewish racism – vote Tory

I HAVE lived and breathed Labour politics all my adult life. Until this year, I could never have imagined voting for anyone other than Labour.

As a teenager, I joined the Labour party to fight racism. In my twenties, I was elected as a Labour councillor.

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Gordon Brown’s former aide Ian Austin has branded Jeremy Corbyn ‘completely unfit’ to be PM[/caption]


Austin says the Labour leader is a clear threat to the UK’s safety and way of life[/caption]

In my thirties, I worked for the Labour Party as an official, and adviser to Gordon Brown. In my forties, I became a Labour MP and finally a minister.

But now, in my fifties, I have no choice but to leave the party and endorse the Conservatives.

How has it come to this?

Put simply, the Labour leader is completely unfit to be Prime Minister and must not be allowed anywhere near Downing Street.

I grew up in Dudley, the town I have been fortunate enough to represent as an MP. It has been a huge privilege. But in politics, you have to do what’s right.


I learned important values growing up in Dudley, not least from my dad, who was a Jewish refugee from the Holocaust. My aunts and grandmother were not so lucky. They were murdered by the Nazis, simply because of their race; because they were Jews.

Fighting racism has always been my driving force in politics. I joined the Labour Party to fight racism and I can’t believe I had to leave it and endorse the Tories to fight racism too. But the party I loved has been dragged into the mire of anti-Jewish racism.

Since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, MPs have been hounded out because they are Jewish or because of their support for the Jewish people.

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Ian Austin has quit Labour due to anti-semitism within the party[/caption]

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Austin says Corbyn and John McDonnell would splurge money we can’t afford and rack up huge debts[/caption]

A blind eye has been turned to appalling racism by party members. The Labour leadership have barely tried to tackle the poison that infected the party.

And the rot doesn’t stop at anti-semitism. Corbyn, John McDonnell and their allies have for decades provided succour to extremists, terrorists and murderers.

When Labour stood with the Tory government against IRA terrorism in the 1980s, Corbyn extended the hand of friendship.

When Labour had the chance to vote for action against the IS barbarians, Corbyn declined.


And when Vladimir Putin ordered an act of terror on British soil, Corbyn failed to stand against Russia’s murderous bullying. When it comes to security, the Labour leadership are a clear threat to the UK’s safety and way of life.

On the economy, Labour’s approach is unrecognisable from the pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-enterprise approach we pursued when I was in government.

Corbyn and McDonnell would tear up all semblance of fiscal discipline, splurging money we can’t afford and racking up huge debts.

On Brexit, Labour’s policy will lead to more confusion and delay. It would mean second referendums on Brexit and Scotland that could tear our country apart.

So I cannot support Labour at this election. Nor can I stay quiet when there is so much at stake. This hasn’t been an easy decision but it’s right.

While I am far from a natural Conservative, there is no doubt in my mind that in a contest between Corbyn and Johnson, the only choice is Johnson.

A vote for any party other than the Conservatives risks letting Corbyn into Downing Street.

It saddens me that none of those things can be said of the leader of the Labour party.

For that reason I will be voting Conservative on December 12 and I urge fellow voters in Dudley and across the country to do the same.

  • Ian Austin is Labour MP for Dudley North

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In a contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson, the only choice is Johnson, says Ian Austin[/caption]


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