North korea : Kim Jong-un criticizes the health system

The north Korean leader Kim Jong-un has denounced the health services of its own country, criticizing its leaders “lazy and irresponsible”, reported Tuesday the official agency KCNA.

Impoverished and isolated, North Korea, subject to multiple sanctions by the security Council of the UN for its nuclear weapons program, suffers from chronic food shortages and insufficient health services, according to international aid agencies.

Hospitals lack drugs, equipment and qualified staff.

While Pyongyang has proclaimed its desire to offer a better life to its citizens, Mr. Kim has strongly criticised the health system, during a visit to a medical equipment factory.

“Some sectors have made enormous progress in recent years,” he said, quoted by the agency, KCNA, “but this is not the case in the public health sector, which has become more and more passive”.

The workers ‘ Party in power has insisted on the need to improve health services, but “the officials were lazy and irresponsible,” said Mr. Kim, as quoted by KCNA.

Kim has focused on the economic development

In the Korean version, he scolded them for “to have hibernated for a long time”, adding: “The animals do hibernate only once a year, but the health sector is stashed away and is hibernating for years, shouting slogans hollow”.

The united Nations Program for development (UNDP) has identified this year in a report the “lack of essential medical equipment, medicines, equipment, therapeutic, and vocational skills are limited”. In addition, water, electricity and heating are provided in an irregular manner in many institutions.

Since his summit with u.s. president Donald Trump in June to Singapore, Mr. Kim has focused on economic development, visiting industrial sites and factories across the country.

North Korea calls for the lifting of sanctions, but Washington is urging the international community to maintain a maximum pressure to compel it to abandon its atomic arsenals.

After several shootings of ballistic missiles and a nuclear test, a major last year, Mr. Kim announced that it has completed the development of its nuclear capabilities and declared that economic development was his new priority.

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