Connie explodes the mercury

It appears to be. “Hi, I’m Carrie… but with only one N.” Between two rehearsals, the young artist has given us a rendezvous at Beach of Glazart, a concert hall located in the north of Paris, where the sand and the palm trees flirting with the bitumen of the Villette. A coincidence, for this singer to the aura solar ? In a swimsuit vichy, she shines. His angel face and his mane of lioness not leave anyone indifferent, not even the employees of the places full of hustle and bustle. “I like to evoke a response in others. It was a willingness on my part to seem spectacular, have a strong identity, ” assumes-t-it.

I am a rognasse


A native of Rognes, near Aix-en-Provence – ” I am a rognasse “, has fun, does it have to launch with a Southern accent was a bit exaggerated – Corine was not predestined to the music. His father is an architect, his mother, a painter on silk. The liberal education of her family leads first to a circus school. A period enriching experience for this student is diligent and takes very quickly aware of the ” liberating power of the boards “. Follow several years of comedy, until the day when a director packed it suggests the idea of an audition song : “And this is where, in a cabaret, that started it all !” she says.

Born in 2016 to a meeting with the producers Dorion Fiszel and Marc Collin, the universe of Connie combines without the efforts of the texts falsely naive, inspired by the cinema of the new wave to the sounds of disco-pop, all interpreted in a voice suave and mannered. In true beast of scene, the interpreter of” It is hot “does not hesitate to challenge its audience by facial expressions funny and charming, she takes pleasure to perform during his concerts :” I like to go very far in the way of creating the postures, ” says the young woman. Other artists before me had the same idea of the show, such as Matthieu Chedid, France Gall or Rita Mitsouko. “

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Scope by success, admits that she has “not seen it coming,” Connie admits, without a language of wood, ” to make a foot of nose to the hardness of this world, my profession and the fact of being a woman “. A message that she hopes to spread with a dose of humour and self-deprecating humor well above average. With a debut album disco-funk record, this “girl of your region” could conquer all the Hexagon. “I just feel like what I have to do in the present time. “Modest, more…
“Daughter of your region, volume 2” (Polydor).
Currently on tour, and in Paris (Trianon) on 26 November.

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