Cornish tourism bosses moan BBC presenters ‘stand in front of their county’ in weather broadcasts

TOURISM chiefs in Cornwall are moaning that BBC presenters stand in front of the region during weather reports.

Visit Cornwall head Malcolm Bell says reporters block west Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as they stand to the left of the Beeb’s map.

Carol Kirkwood blocks Cornwall as she presents the BBC weather
Helen Willetts also stands in front of south-western county for a Beeb weather report

England’s most western county boasts the UK’s only sub-tropical climate and its sun-kissed beaches are christened The Cornish Riviera.

But TV forecasters are harming tourism by predicting rain in the south west when Cornwall is dry, officials in the fiercely independent county rage.

After griping for years Mr Bell finally aired his grievances to Met Office and BBC Weather teams, at talks in London.

BBC breakfast presenter Carol Kirkwood was one of the forecasters at the meeting.

Mr Bell said: “The meeting was a result of several years of moans, lobbying and public criticism.


“We complained about the throwaway lines and presenters standing in front of the Isles of Scilly and sometimes west Cornwall.

“It was a good meeting and they explained they don’t know how long they have to speak until the moment they go on air.”

During the talks, he underlined Cornwall’s unique climate to BBC bosses.

Incoming weather fronts hit the county before anywhere else in Britain.


The meeting was a result of several years of moans, lobbying and public criticism

Visit Cornwall’s Malcolm Bell


Cornwall can be basking in balmy temperatures as rain lashes the rest of the UK.

Cornish people sometimes say they are isolated from much of the UK by distance and poor transport links.

The county also boasts Britain’s most south-western point at Land’s End.

In 2014, the government declared Cornish inhabitants were an official national minority in Britain.

And the BBC’s meteorologists are adding to Cornwall’s isolation by cutting off the county from the rest of Britain, officials claim.

But after spending years griping about the Beeb’s broadcasters blocking Cornwall Mr Bell forecasts sunnier times ahead.






Mr Bell added: “We have seen improvements.

“There are still little grumbles, but good weather apps and online services have made a big difference.”

Tomasz Schafernaker covers Cornwall up as he forecasts chilly temperatures
Carol Kirkwood is unaware her hand is concealing Cornwall
Carol Kirkwood met Cornish tourism chiefs to discuss moving left on the Beeb’s map


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