Coronation Street spoilers: Brian faces backlash as he takes the blame for Cathy’s vile trolling of grieving Steve

BRIAN faces vicious backlash next week as he takes the blame for Cathy’s vile trolling of grieving Steve McDonald. 

Cathy got carried away and accused Steve of stealing from Oliver’s fund in a vile trolling incident under the screen name ‘Lemon Drop’ after Tracy hurt her feelings.

Aadi and Amy target Brian after assuming he trolled grieving Steve

But when Cathy overheard Amy telling Asha about the online troll and how upset they’d made Steve, Cathy felt overwhelmed by guilt. 

Next week, Amy is intrigued to read an online apology from ‘Lemon Drop’. 

She enlists Aadi’s help to track the troll down and they’re stunned to discover that Lemon Drop is a newsagents. 

They’re horrified when the penny drops – Brian must be their troll. 

Brian agrees to take the blame for Cathy when she admits she trolled Steve
Jenny tells Brian and Cathy they’re barred from the pub
Cathy is mortified when they’re kicked out

Later in the week, Brian is shocked to find the word ‘troll’ sprayed outside the Kabin and Cathy is forced to explain that she trolled Steve’s fundraising. 

Brian vows to put things right and takes the blame for Cathy, apologising to Tracy and Amy. 

But when Brian and Cathy head to the pub later, they’re shocked when Jenny barrs them from entering for trolling Steve online.

Cathy is mortified, but will she come clean to everyone that she was behind the vicious comments?


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