Coronation Street spoilers: Jack Webster terrified as thug breaks into his house after Sophie’s girlfriend Paula moves in

KEVIN Webster will accidentally put his young son Jack in danger in Coronation Street next week as a thug breaks into their home.

As the week kicks off, Jack – who lost part of his leg to sepsis last year – is feeling positive when Kev tells him he has bought him a sports blade so he can run again.

The burglar makes his escape out the back but runs straight into Abi

But their happiness is short-lived when Sophie Webster’s cougar girlfriend, Paula Martin, arrives clearly stressed.

Sophie- player by Brooke Vincent – is concerned as Paula tells her and Kevin that her house has just been burgled for the second time.

Over dinner, Sophia gently questions Paula – Stirling Gallagher – about the break-ins but it’s evident that the lawyer wants to change the subject.

Sophie then invites Paula to spend the night with her at No.13 and Paula agrees before they kiss tenderly.


Kevin – Michael De Vell – is less than impressed when he discovers that Paula has spent the night but Paula assures him it was a one off and that she’s looking for a flat.

When Sophie announces she’d like to move in with Paula, Kevin tells Sophie he thinks she’s too old for her.

An incensed Sophie tells her dad that they’re in love and he’d better learn to live with it.

Later Kevin tells Paula that even though he’s worried about the age gap, she’s welcome to stay with them as she makes Sophie happy.


But outside Kev is oblivious when a passer-by steals his keys from his pocket.

When Kev can’t find his keys later, he gets a call from Roy Cropper asking for help as he’s broken down.

He reluctantly leaves Jack alone in the house as he goes to his rescue. But while he’s out the man who stole Kev’s keys lets himself into the house and starts rifling through Paula’s legal papers.

A terrified Jack – who’s been forced to hide under his bed – texts Kevin who races home.

Kevin breaks the front door down causing the burglar to flee out the back. But he runs into Abi Franklin who takes him down.

The police arrest the man while a puzzled Kevin notes that nothing seems to be missing. Later, a sheepish Paula confesses that the man is a criminal she’s been acting against and he’s been targeting her for a while.

Kevin and Sophie are furious at Paula for putting their family in danger. A contrite Paula offers to pack her bags and Sophie agrees it’s probably for the best.
Is it over for the couple for good?

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