Coronation Street spoilers: Violet Wilson contacts homeless Sean Tully demanding child support for their son Dylan

SEAN Tully is dealt another blow in Coronation Street next week when he’s contacted by his baby mama Violet Wilson who wants to know why he’s stopped making child support payments for their son, Dylan.

A concerned Eileen Grimshaw – played by Sue Cleaver in the ITV soap – wants to know what’s going on, but Sean is still too proud to admit he’s broke and living on the streets, tells her there’s been a hiccup at the bank.

Sean Tully is too proud to admit hes broke and living on the streets
Sean Tully is too proud to admit hes broke and living on the streets
Andrew Boyce

In reality, Sean – Antony Cotton – is skint and has been sleeping in a tent since falling out with Liz McDonald after he took her shifts at the Rovers Return.

He finds himself begging for a grotty bedsit belonging to one of Dev Alahan’s friends but is left reeling when he can’t provide the money for the deposit.

Sean is humiliated further later in the week when he arrives for work and new boss Henry Newton tells him he smells.

He’s also forced to eat a half eaten pizza found by his homeless friend Carol.

Violet Wilson contacts Sean this week
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Violet Wilson contacts Sean this week[/caption]

Will Sean admit to his friends and neighbours that he’s fallen on hard time and needs their help?

And how will he find the money to give Violet money for their son?

Violet gave birth to Dylan back in 2008.

She’d had an ectopic pregnancy and was warned by a specialist that she might not be able to conceive naturally.

She persuaded her good friend Sean to father a baby with her and she used the old ‘turkey baster’ method to get pregnant.

A concerned Eileen Grimshaw – played by Sue Cleaver in the ITV soap - wants to know what’s going on
A concerned Eileen Grimshaw – played by Sue Cleaver in the ITV soap – wants to know what’s going on

Things turned sour between Sean and Violet when he realised she planned on raising the baby without him.

She eventually fled to London with Dylan and Sean lost contact with his son.

He tracked Violet down in 2010 while posing as Liz on social media and re-established a relationship with Dylan.

Sean’s homeless storyline was announced earlier this year and came as a surprise as the character is usually associated with more light-hearted stories.

Actor Antony Cotton said at the time: “It is a very unusual storyline, very serious and not what people would expect from Sean.

“It will come good but it’s a very poignant and serious story.

“It’s not what I expected and I was taken aback when I heard what it was.

“But it is a subject that’s very close to my heart and I will reveal all in time.”

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