Coronation Street viewers think Peter Barlow is the new villain after he convinces Carla Connor and Gary Windass to lie about the roof collapse

CORONATION Street fans think Peter Barlow is behind the factory roof collapse after he convinced Carla Connor and Gary Windass to lie about it tonight.

The former boss of the factory – who is played by actor Chris Gascoyne in the ITV soap – insisted both Carla and Gary lie about what happened and instead pin the blame on dead Pat Phelan.

Peter’s bizarre behaviour had fans convinced he is the new super villain

Carla was adamant about telling the truth of what happened so her sister Kate and Rana’s family would have closure.

But Peter was insistent in stopping her from doing it and instead forced Gary to accept a bribe to back up the lies he came up with.

He told Gary: “The police can’t prove whether you knew about the roof or not, and let’s face it half that roof is on the floor. I just trying to protect Carla, you’d do the same to protect Sarah.

“Why don’t we keep this nice and simple, we blame it on Pat Phelan. He was the last one to carry out any major work up there.

Carla was desperate to tell the truth before Peter convinced her otherwise
He convinced her to lie to the police

“He placed the entire roof, so let’s say you never told Carla about the roof and she never ignored your advice, OK? It never happened. It’s a simple solution, we just point the finger at Pat Phelan, it’s not like he can defend himself is it?”

Carla tried to convince Peter to let her tell the truth and give everyone closure, but he didn’t give up.

But Peter ignored her and tried again to convince Gary telling him: “I know your business is on its knees.

“You keep your trap shut about the factory roof and I’ll give you ten grand in cash. It’s ten grand in cash and all your money worries go away.”

He also successfully bribed Gary under the guise of protecting Carla

Peter tried to keep his offer quiet when Sarah walked in but Gary spilled the beans.

Later Carla’s business partner Nick got involved and got his sister onside, and Gary agreed to lie to the police, as did Carla.

But fans were convinced Peter’s behaviour, in particular convincing Carla she was to blame and then swooping in to save her, meant he was hiding something else.

After all, he is on the soap’s official suspects list.

One fan wrote: “‘It’s not your fault, you’re not responsible’ I’m telling you now Peter is guilty. He’s trying to cover up and make sure Carla doesn’t get the blame because he’s guilty and wants to blame it on Phelan. #corrie

A second said: “nick and peter ON THE SAME SIDE??? i love this #corrie”

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