Coronation Street’s Alya will put Yasmeen in more danger trying to save her from Geoff’s abuse says Sair Khan

CORONATION Street’s Alya Nazir will put her grandmother Yasmeen in even more danger when she tries to save her from Geoff Metcalfe.

The restaurant owner – who is played by actress Sair Khan in the ITV soap – is desperate to save her grandmother from the abusive marriage after realising there was something off with Geoff’s behaviour.

Alya is going to try and save Yasmeen from Geoff

But Sair has warned that Alya’s blundering into it may put Yasmeen in even more danger from controlling Geoff.

She said: “She is not scared about her own safety but she needs to be careful not to do something which puts Yasmeen in more danger.

“At the point where Goeff wants to move to Cypress Alya is so scared and worried. She fears that Yasmeen is going to be even more isolated and once he gets her out of the country it will be even harder to free her from his control.

“She just thinks she has to take the situation into her own hands. She feels she has tried the softly softly tactic but she now believes she has to do the right thing and swoop in and be the hero and look after Yasmeen.

Geoff has been manipulating Yasmeen for months

“That backfires quite dramatically with potential dangerous consequences for Yasmeen because she is so under Geoff’s spell that something like this could do a lot of damage.”

Viewers have watched in horror as Geoff has coercively controlled Yasmeen into giving up all of her money to him and living on a shoe-string allowance.

She has also been forced to spend all her time cleaning the house to Geoff’s impossible standards as well as remaining indoors for as long as Geoff demands cut off from her friends and family.

He even killed her beloved chicken Charlotte Bronte and forced her to eat her in a bid to destroy the little comfort she gained from her pets.

Alya will seek help from therapist Toyah Battersby in helping her grandmother but it could go disastrously wrong with Geoff planning to run away abroad with Yasmeen.

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