Coronation Street’s Carla Connor convinced Rana is ‘alive and hiding’ and everyone on the Cobbles is plotting against her as she suffers terrifying mental breakdown, says Alison King

CORONATION Street’s Carla Connor is convinced Rana is alive and hiding – and that is why the factory boss suffers a terrifying mental breakdown, actress Alison King has revealed.

Alison says Carla thinks Rana didn’t die in the factorY collapse and that everyone on the Cobbles is plotting against her.

According to Alison King, who plays Carla, the character’s mental health suffers because she thinks everyone is against her
Andrew Boyce

Carla ends up homeless after Roy kicks her out of his flat, and she then receives messages from one of Rana’s online accounts.

Weatherfield residents also blame Carla for the factory collapse that cost Rana her life.

Alison revealed: “I think Carla believes that they’re all in on it – that Rana must be alive and they’re playing some sort of cruel trick on her.

“After the initial shock of the first message, I think Carla does then believe that Rana is alive and it’s really confusing for her.

Rana was killed off in the recent factory collapse
The factory owner is seen struggling over Rana’s death
Carla is shocked when she starts getting texts from Rana

“She can’t work out why somebody would do that and why Rana would hide, but she believes it due to the paranoia.

“Carla is already broken from what people have been saying about her and her frame of mind since the accident.”

“Through her paranoia, Carla is all consumed by the feeling that she’s on her own in this.

“Even though Peter is trying to help her, she’s not taking it in the right way.

Peter worries she is really unwell
Andrew Boyce

“He seems to be pushing her too hard, and the break in her brain after Rana’s death is her tipping point.

“Carla has gone into a state of paranoia, which spikes and then calms down.

“The first signs of her episodes are that she just isn’t being herself and she tries to hide that from Peter, going along with what he says and saying ‘I know I’m being silly’.

“But then she becomes more secretive, writing down what’s going on in her brain.

“As her paranoia grows, she feels she has to get away from people because she thinks they’re out to get her.

“She eventually shows that to Peter after initially hiding it from him and he realises the depth of her illness.”

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