Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe swerves death AGAIN – is she the real life Terminator?

CORONATION Street fans have been mocking Sally Metcalfe after she fell through the factory roof and only ended up with a broken arm,  but it will take a lot more to bring down Coronation Street’s resident Terminator.

Yes in her 33 years on the Cobbles of Weatherfield, Sally has survived her fair share of accidents and disasters, brushing herself off and picking herself up time and again.

Sally Metcalfe has been compared to The Terminator after surviving yet another near death experience

Last week, the unlucky mother-of-two fell through the Underworld factory roof.

While for some mere mortals, it would have been game over – or at least a broken back – Sally came out of it with just a couple of broken bones.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on Sally’s resilience, and compared her to the legendary Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One wrote: “Sally is like the Terminator” while another agreed: “Sally really is like the terminator. She’s been knocked down so many times but she always comes back.”

Sally fell through the Underworld factory roof last week and ended up in hospital
Andrew Boyce

A third added: “Sally’s made of Teflon! She’s a survivor I’ll grant you!”

In honour of Sally’s super human strength, here’s a look back on just some of the things she has survived during her time in Weatherfield.

Sally’s year didn’t get off to the best start this year as she was badly beaten up while in prison

Beaten up in prison

Yes 2019 hasn’t been the best year for poor old Sal, having been wrongly convicted of fraud and sent to prison earlier this year.

Things went from bad to worse for the mum-of-two, when she was brutally beaten up by a fellow inmate.

But just like The Terminator, she was back before you could say ‘Sarah Connor’ – no relation to the Connor family in Corrie – and soon after she was found innocent and released.

Sally was hit by boyfriend Greg Kelly during an argument in 1999

Domestic violence

Sally certainly knows how to pick ’em sometimes, and in 1999 she had an affair with Greg Kelly.

After husband Kevin found out, she moved in with Greg but he soon showed his true colours after he hit her during an argument.

Thankfully Sally’s a strong woman and she knew she had to leave him.


Car crash with Rosie

Sally’s inner steel took a wobble in 2004 when she found out wayward daughter Rosie was sleeping with Craig Harris.

She ended up taking Rosie on a wild drive across the M62 en route to a boarding school she had selected for her daughter, but lost control of the car.

Sally almost killed them both, but, like a cat with nine lives, lived to tell the tale.

Sally survived the minibus crash in 2015 which left some of her Underworld colleagues seriously injured

Minibus crash

While she wasn’t behind the wheel this time, Sally was also involved in the horrifying minibus crash in 2015.

Steve McDonald was to blame for this accident, as the Underworld gang headed for a night out.

The evening ended in disaster though, as the minibus flipped and rolled down a hill and while Sinead Tinker ended up paralysed, Sally rose like a phoenix from the flames with just a few cuts and scrapes.

Sally ended up in hospital in 2012 after falling down the stairs after discovering who killed Frank Foster
Rex Features

Falling down the stairs

A classic in soapland, Sally found herself unconscious at the bottom of a set of stairs in 2012 after discovering that Anne killed her rapist son Frank Foster.

As she desperately tried to leave after discovering the truth, she fell down the stairs and hit her head on the wooden banister, knocking her out cold.

But just like Rocky Balboa, she was back on her feet in no time ready to fight another day.

Sally showed her feisty side as she had a fight with Natalie Barnes in 1997

Cat fight with Natalie Barnes

Not necessarily a life or death situation, Sally nonetheless showed her power and strength during a classic cat fight with Natalie Barnes in 1997 after discovering she was having an affair with husband Kevin.

Yes, Sally may have had three different surnames during her 30+ years on Coronation Street, but one thing has never changed, her survival skills.

And just like The Terminator, we’re sure her latest injuries won’t keep her down for long.

So watch out Weatherfield, she’ll be back.

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