Coronavirus news LIVE – UK secures ANOTHER 40m Valneva vaccine doses as Captain Sir Tom Moore fights covid in hospital

BRITAIN has pulled off another vaccine coup by securing an extra 40 million doses of the Valneva jab.

The country plans to use its ever-growing stockpile of vaccinations for the longer-term repeat vaccinations that will surely be needed when protection from the first wave of jabs wears off over the coming year.

Once again the EU is lagging far behind despite its growing vaccine crisis and hasn’t even yet joined the back of the queue for Valneva after failing to place a single order for the French-made jab.

The news comes as Captain Sir Tom Moore was admitted to hospital after testing positive for coronavirus and having difficulty breathing.

Captain Tom, 100, had not had the coronavirus vaccine, because he was already being treated for pneumonia but is understood to still be on a ward at the moment and not in an intensive care unit.

It is not known how long Tom has had pneumonia but he had travelled to Barbados with his family shortly before Christmas.

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  1. Gaz. Stop listening to Gordon he’s only repeating Labour spin. Don’t be so ill informed. Go read the conservative policy documents on their website. Gordon is talking Mandelson/Draper/McBride Balls

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